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R447 at I-10 - 4 Days Ago175
I heard there was a tornado in sealy tx is i 10 still open and flowing ok
R317 at I-10 - 4 Days Ago174
What's happening up there? Traffic stopped dead and can't see what happened.
R338 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago173
I-10 E at Exit 232. Traffic stopped dead, think it's a semi involved. Plumes of black smoke.
R170 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago172
East bound accident. Saw 9 police cars.
Van and gray car off road. Car inwoods
Badly damaged.
R170 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago171
Anyone know the reason for the back up on I 10 around Milton?
R561 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago170
What is the cause of the delay on I10 at mile 33
R291 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago169
JC at I-10 - 5 Days Ago168
Is there road construction on I-10 eastbound from Indio to Quartsite?
Moosetracks at I-10 - 1 Week Ago167
How is traffic today (5/20) on I 10 heading west from Baton Rouge to Lafayette ?
R774 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago166
Anyone know what has us at a complete stop today 5:20/17
R954 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago165
Indio to Blythe
R260 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago164
Does anybody know what is going on on the I10 south of Indio?
Stuck on I-10 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago163
Any update on traffic? We r sitting
R466 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago162
Truck hanging off a bridge on fire. When they put the fire put they will open 1 lane
R750 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago161
Do we know what mile marker it breaks up?
R466 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago160
R820 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago159
Any answers re i10 stopping?!
R820 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago158
Y the slowdown?!
R325 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago157
Does anyone know what the hold up is
R734 at I-10 - 1 Week Ago156
Does anyone know why traffic is totally stopped on 1-10 Eastbound outside Indio to Blythe?
lydia at I-10 - 1 Week Ago155
going to New Orleans from Houston.
Greg at I-10,AZ - 1 Week Ago154
Colossal cave overpass closed at exit 279.
R792 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago153
How's traffic right now?
R333 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago152
R333 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago151
what is the hold up on I10 east before Defuniak
R663 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago150
Why is traffic crawling going east off bayway on i-10
R672 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago149
What is the hold up right now around Orange, TX?
Gail at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago148
Traffic on i-10 eastbound texas
Mich at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago147
How long will i10 eastbound be closed from mobile to fl
R804 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago146
Is i-10 closed in Btooksjire texsd
Sam at I-10 - 9th May, 2017145
Is there traffic congestion between palm Desert and indio ca
R397 at I-10 - 7th May, 2017144
Where is the accident?
R929 at I-10 - 7th May, 2017143
What's the holdup?
R944 at I-10 - 7th May, 2017142
I10 west toward Lafayette, is there an accident?
R944 at I-10 - 7th May, 2017141
What is going on with slow moving traffic near exit 127 whiskey bay?
ET at I-10,MS - 5th May, 2017140
I 10 east closed east of 607 last ~35 minutes
R142 at I-10 - 5th May, 2017139
What is going on by Stennis on I 10 eastbound?
R142 at I-10 - 5th May, 2017138
What is going on by Dennis on I 10 eastbound?
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