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R166 at I-15 - 1 Week Ago110
When will acc. BE clear
Retbcmc at I-15 - 1 Week Ago109
Road conditions nb thru Utah
R584 at I-15 - 1 Week Ago108
R584 at I-15 - 1 Week Ago107
What's going on with I15 northbound near center street?
Brad at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago106
South bound Primm to Barstow how far is it backed up
cristy at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago105
Whats going on with the 15 and 210
R835 at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago104
What's up on NB 15 at Flamingo?
R675 at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago103
What's happening on 50
R653 at I-15 - 7th May, 2017102
whats going on?
R464 at I-15 - 7th May, 2017101
Is there construction all the way to Blackfoot from Idaho Falls?
R906 at I-15 - 7th May, 2017100
Sunday I15 traffic at Whiskey Petes going south...what's the hold up?
Me. T at I-15 - 5th May, 201799
I15 South. What's traffic delay
Cl at I-15 - 5th May, 201798
R141: what's going on??
Cl at I-15 - 5th May, 201797
Th e emergency helicopter just landed in front of me, anyone know a traffic radio station or something?
R901 at I-15 - 2nd May, 201796
What's the hold up outside of primm?
Ugh at I-15 - 28th Apr, 201795
R852: this sucks
R970 at I-15 - 16th Apr, 201794
30 miles from Las Vegas, any one have a dune buggy I can borrow and offroad in this biznass?!
I-15 Southbound at I-15,NV - 16th Apr, 201793
2 car collision, one minivan and one pick up truck, southbound I 15, south of Valley of Fire. I-15 shut down since 4pm.
Dave at I-15 - 16th Apr, 201792
I'm two miles from where a helicopter was hovering. Dead stop southbound past Valley of Fire.
PS at I-15 - 16th Apr, 201791
Meant what has traffic at a stand still around valley of fire on 1-15 coming into vegas
PS at I-15 - 16th Apr, 201790
What's fit us stopped on 1-15 coming 8. Around valley of fire. We are at a dead stop
R684 at I-15 - 16th Apr, 201789
Traffic very slow southbound out of vegas
Deborah Jansen at I-15 - 14th Apr, 201788
Condition on I 15 fwy from Las Vegas to la
R410 at I-15 - 12th Apr, 201787
lots of traffic, kinda slow, from Temecula towards San Diego right now. Drive safely & happy hump day!
R758 at I-15 - 11th Apr, 201786
Why is the I-15 Runing so slow right now at Temecula going towards Las Vegas
R431 at I-15 - 9th Apr, 201785
What's going on I-15 south at Primm
R891 at I-15 - 9th Apr, 201784
R967: what is going on north bound I 15 where you are at
R291 at I-15 - 8th Apr, 201783
What's going on on I-15 NB between Mesquite and St George?
R443 at I-15 - 8th Apr, 201782
Why is the northbound i15 show just south ofor mesquite nv
R679 at I-15 - 7th Apr, 201781
The condition of the traffic
Captain at I-15 - 5th Apr, 201780
How does the I 15 south look going towards Barstow?
Siirena at I-15 - 4th Apr, 201779
Anyone see three cars pulled over I15 south near 4th in Ontario? White Chrysler two door has frontend damage on right side.
R761 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201778
Is traffic moving southbound between Baker & Barstow yet?
R698sinner at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201777
Whats up 5hrs. By way patrol 🤔
R542 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201776
Any updates?
R923 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201775
Bus caught on fire, completely burned to the ground, fire department took forever getting there and it blocked all the lanes with fire
R239 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201774
Apparently it's a burning bus. Just started letting traffic go thru at 12:50
R893 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201773
Complete stand still SB I5! Anyone know why??
R944 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201772
Do you know why the traffic is at a stop
R985 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201771
Anyone know why SB I-15 stopped at Barstow/Baker?
R179 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201770
No movement on I15 South
Candi at I-15 - 2nd Apr, 201769
I'm getting to primm. Anyone ahead ?
Candi at I-15 - 2nd Apr, 201768
What's going on I-15 south ?
R422cece at I-15 - 2nd Apr, 201767
Anybody know what's the issue on the 15 south from hesperia to the215?
R296 at I-15 - 2nd Apr, 201766
Any idea of current traffic at Duncan detour south 15?
Lv2oc at I-15 - 2nd Apr, 201765
Any one driving i15 south to oc
Lv2oc at I-15 - 2nd Apr, 201764
Traffic update on 15 anyone
R285 at I-15 - 1st Apr, 201763
Hi, anyone know how the 1-15 south to LA look from Baker?
R902 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201762
R931: Hello up there, do you happen to know what is issue is...
R902 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201761
I-15south, between prime and Baker... What's the cause of the traffic jam?
R238 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201760
Mountain pass is dead stopped! Anyone know what's going on?
R931 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201759
What's up at Mountain Pass on I15 ?
R516 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201758
Sorry, 15S out of Vegas
R516 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201757
Big rig flipped on its side on the right shoulder, no lanes blocked, just people being assholes
Alexis at I-15,CA - 30th Mar, 201756
On the I15 north right before the express lane there is a 3-4 car pile up.
R223 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201755
What's happening on 15 south?
ES11 at I-15 - 30th Mar, 201754
What's going on in 15S ?
R818 at I-15 - 29th Mar, 201753
What going on the 15 south
R818 at I-15 - 29th Mar, 201752
What is going on 15 south
Coke man at I-15 - 29th Mar, 201751
Does anyone know what happen i15 north? North of cima road
Andie at I-15 - 28th Mar, 201750
Driving from St george to Ogden ut how is the weather and traffic?
R470 at I-15 - 27th Mar, 201749
Why is SB stopped?
R470 at I-15 - 27th Mar, 201748
Why is SB at Bangerter and I-15 stopped?
R578 at I-15 - 27th Mar, 201747
Can we drive past bangerter on NB 15?
Dea at I-15 - 26th Mar, 201746
How's the traffic from Vegas on I 15 south
Jim at I-15,CA - 24th Mar, 201745
Hazard has northbound on i15 traffic at a complete stop just south of Midway CA.
Tammra Rodriguez at I-15 - 24th Mar, 201744
What's hold up on 15n?
R177 at I-15 - 24th Mar, 201743
What's the holdup?
R846 at I-15 - 23rd Mar, 201742
How are the roads from las vegas to salt lake city right now?
R539 at I-15 - 23rd Mar, 201741
How is the weather to través to Las Vegas con Saturday they hace snow Sur or Madam
R374 at I-15 - 20th Mar, 201740
This website is a stupid scam. Stay away from it
R467 at I-15 - 20th Mar, 201739
What's the delay on I-15?
R872 at I-15 - 20th Mar, 201738
What's the delay on I 15
Sunny at I-15 - 20th Mar, 201737
What 'a the delay on I 15 south to Baker?
R486 at I-15 - 20th Mar, 201736
What's up on I15?
R371 at I-15 - 17th Mar, 201735
Hey who knows whts going on i 15 sb
Billw8 at I-15,CA - 11th Mar, 201734
I-15S between Lake & Nichols slowing due to wild flowers sighting on S hillside
Vegas at I-15 - 7th Mar, 201733
I am. planning on driving to Las Vegas today from Minot nd how is interstate 15
R556 at I-15 - 6th Mar, 201732
Just horrible to have over an hour delay due to roadwork between Primm & Baker
R890 at I-15 - 6th Mar, 201731
What is traffic like SB I15 from the point to London?
R890 at I-15 - 6th Mar, 201730
I 15 SB UT County American Fork?
R965 at I-15 - 6th Mar, 201729
Why is traffic so slow between Primm and Baker?
RJ at I-15 - 6th Mar, 201728
Is I15 open between Filmore and Cedar City?
R506 at I-15 - 26th Feb, 201727
Whats going on, on the way to prim
R328 at I-15 - 23rd Feb, 201726
Is there an accident on South bound I15 by Spanish Fork?
R429 at I-15 - 23rd Feb, 201725
How are wind conditions through Vegas into Utah
R753 at I-15 - 23rd Feb, 201724
Is there an accident on southbound I 15 by Utah County?
Titi at I-15 - 23rd Feb, 201723
Road conditions from Salina Provo Ut. Going through Levan
R931 at I-15 - 22nd Feb, 201722
How are the roads at 7900f
R991 at I-15 - 22nd Feb, 201721
How are roads from Salem Ut to SLC UT
R329 at I-15 - 21st Feb, 201720
What are the driving conditions for (i15) south from Victorville Ca
Madmidget at I-15 - 21st Feb, 201719
What is the road & traffic condition I15 south bound from vegas to LA. Any report of flooding or sink holes?
R268 at I-15 - 20th Feb, 201718
How is the 15 north by Kenwood exit
R506 at I-15 - 20th Feb, 201717
R467: do you know what is the cause of the traffic on I15? I am on black ridge.
R467 at I-15 - 20th Feb, 201716
Bumper to bumper
, stop and go from St. George to Cedar City. What is going on?
R857 at I-15 - 20th Feb, 201715
Redirecting traffic on I15 mona?
Joyce at I-15 - 20th Feb, 201714
Weater conditions from the 1 15 so to 110 so los angeles
R633 at I-15 - 19th Feb, 201713
Any idea what's going on?
R618 at I-15 - 18th Feb, 201712
We are stuck on the 15 southbound do you know how long the delays are
R218 at I-15 - 18th Feb, 201711
Any issues on the 15 south or north?
R739 at I-15 - 18th Feb, 201710
whats causing the slowdown,
R426 at I-15 - 17th Feb, 20179
Anyone know what's going on with the I 15n
Chan at I-15 - 17th Feb, 20178
Any washed out roads from Utah to Nevada?
R108 at I-15 - 17th Feb, 20177
South bound Hwy 76 to 78
R507 at I-15 - 17th Feb, 20176
What is going on on highway 15 north?
R707 at I-15 - 17th Feb, 20175
What is the slow down north bound LA TO Vegas
R972 at I-15 - 9th Feb, 20174
After l left Legacy, onto l-15, l went north, and just before the road bends, all came to a stop. Now it's creeping & l am near the rest stop spot.
R343 at I-15 - 7th Feb, 20173
R343: what is going on the i15 N
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