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Trucker at I-44,MO - 2 Weeks Ago122
I-44 west closed at mm 88. Semi vs car crash has all lanes closed.
R330 at I-44 - 2 Weeks Ago121
What is hold up 1-44 east?
M at I-44 - 9th Feb, 2017120
From mile marker 140 how far until the left lane merges?
R778 at I-44 - 19th Jan, 2017119
Going eastbound on I44 to North 270. Any back ups
R467 at I-44 - 15th Jan, 2017118
I guess no one knos
R467 at I-44 - 15th Jan, 2017117
How are road conditions thru Okla on 69north bound to i44 east bound all the way up to St. Louis??
Sisterdayna at I-44 - 15th Jan, 2017116
So my trucker - x says a green route on the "live traffic" map means "go". Check your route, and if it's green, it's hammer down! (Thanks Matt)
big red at I-44 - 15th Jan, 2017115
How are roads on I 44 heading towards Texas look like?
Usmc at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017114
What's the weather like entering Missouri from Oklahoma all the way into st louis
Anna at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017113
Are the road conditions bad to travel on i44 eb from ok to st louis
R310 at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017112
R310: are you heading out r 310
R310 at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017111
Cool i try that one be ssfe back home sister tks
Sisterdayna at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017110
I just learned that if you go to the "live traffic" - a green road means it's clear.
R310 at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017109
Well i am in bed at ft. Smith. Just wet here, but i have to go to salem. One site said I 44 closed between springfield towards rolla. But can't get an answer back from that site noe
Sisterdayna at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017108
I was thinking the same thing. If anyone is brave enough to travel, I guess they aren't on here, right?!
R310 at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017107
Hey me sorry it may work after all
R310 at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017106
I see lots of ???? But not 1 reaction to answer. Wassup with that,
Sisterdayna at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017105
Okc - trying to decide whether or not to head home to Springfield before this gets worse.
R310 at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017104
Where are you at sister?
R310 at I-44 - 14th Jan, 2017103
This site seems worthless
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