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Cordelia H. at I-44,MO - 1 Week Ago128
Near mile marker 103 .5, semi in medium, traffic slowed on both sides.
R918 at I-44 - 1 Week Ago127
Is 44 open all the way to ok
R787 at I-44 - 1 Week Ago126
Stuck on i44 south of Bristow headed to tulsa, anyone know what's up
R650 at I-44 - 1 Week Ago125
Stopped on I 44 eastbound traffic backed up any info?
RKO at I-44 - 1 Week Ago124
Are all tolls on I44 payable in cash?
Cathy at I-44 - 1 Week Ago123
Traffic on I-44 is backed up near Springfield mo. Any info??
R416 at I-44 - 1 Week Ago122
On 44 near Springfield mo. What has happened? Traffic is backed up for miles
R980 at I-44 - 2 Weeks Ago121
Leaving Tuscon going to Illinois Tuesday how's the weather looking
Tailer at I-44 - 2 Weeks Ago120
Accident MM 144
R200 at I-44 - 2 Weeks Ago119
Anyone know what is going on around the 145 MM??
Jimmy at I-44 - 10th May, 2017118
Sorry hit button 3 times
Jimmy at I-44 - 10th May, 2017117
Is I 44 open through Missouri and oklahoma
R550 at I-44 - 10th May, 2017116
I'm driving romantic Wateka, Il on 57, 70 to 44w. Are the roadopen?
R655 at I-44 - 9th May, 2017115
Is 44 clear to OKC?
Is I 44 at I-44 - 9th May, 2017114
Is I 44 open
Lucinda at I-44 - 8th May, 2017113
Is hwy 44 open fro St. Louis to Tulsa open?!
Marvin at I-44 - 7th May, 2017112
Is I44 open from Rolla to Lebanon
R963 at I-44 - 7th May, 2017111
Is Interstate 44 open to travel to East St. Louis?
R831 at I-44 - 7th May, 2017110
Is interstate 44 going to Tulsa clear to travel
Ljr at I-44 - 6th May, 2017109
Is there a detour around the bridge near Hazelgreen, MO on I 44
R698 at I-44 - 6th May, 2017108
Driving to west Plains Missouri today wondering about highways 63 and 44 closimgs
R752 at I-44 - 5th May, 2017107
Is I-44 open? It was closed due to flooding this last Sunday
R257 at I-44 - 5th May, 2017106
Is I 44 open between Joplin and St. LOUIS?
R670 at I-44 - 5th May, 2017105
R691: do you know what's going on on I 44 west of 65
R670 at I-44 - 5th May, 2017104
Parked on I 44 west of 65 anyone know what's going on
R644 at I-44 - 5th May, 2017103
Need to know if I 44 open from Joplin to St Louis
R537 at I-44 - 5th May, 2017102
Is i44 open to 270?
cmac at I-44 Saint Louis, Missouri - 5th May, 2017101
is I44 open in Eureka, mo to ST Louis
R899 at I-44 - 5th May, 2017100
Is 44 open from springfield to St. Louis
Pl at I-44 - 5th May, 201799
Is 44 open from springfield to St. Louis
Karen at I-44 - 5th May, 201798
Would like to know if interstate 44 is open all the way from st louis to springfield mo
R171 at I-44 - 4th May, 201797
Is rt. 44 open in mo?
Margaret at I-44 - 4th May, 201796
Hi is I 44 still closed around Lebanon Missouri
R817 at I-44 - 4th May, 201795
Is I 44 open from st Clair to 133 Mike marke
Dan at I-44 - 4th May, 201794
Is I-44 East open between Lebanon and St Louis I-44 and I-270 East interchange?
R851 at I-44 - 4th May, 201793
Is I44 between Lananon & Rolla open for traffic heading to STL? Or is bridge still closed?
R785 at I-44 - 4th May, 201792
The entrance to 44 east is closed at 109,(Eureka), as of 10:30 AM
Ed Barnes at I-44 - 4th May, 201791
Is i44 open through St Louis?
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