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R441 at I-494 - 4 Days Ago33
How is cottage Grove to Minneapolis?
R527 at I-494 - 1 Week Ago32
how are roads from eagan to bloomington
Rere at I-49 - 2 Weeks Ago31
Hw is i trying to get to 147
CC at I-49 - 2 Weeks Ago30
Is I49 open from Alexandria to Lafayette?
R181 at I-49 - 2 Weeks Ago29
Is I-49 south of Alexandria open
R454 at I-49 - 2 Weeks Ago28
Hello. I'm trying to come to streveport from Natchez. Which way should I come
R904 at I-495 - 2 Weeks Ago27
There's a giant turd in the middle of the road
R118 at I-495 - 2 Weeks Ago26
What's going on 495 Haverhill mass
R924 at I-495 - 2 Weeks Ago25
What is going on in Haverhill?
Me at I-495 - 2 Weeks Ago24
Herky at I-495 - 29th Dec, 201623
Hi, wondering Road conditions from Carver to central mass via 495n?
R593 at I-49 - 28th Dec, 201622
What is the holdup on i49 near cloutierville?
R339 at I-495 - 26th Dec, 201621
What's going on 495 soutbound strated around exit 23 southbound
Mia Copa at I-495 - 23rd Dec, 201620
How is the northbound traffic headed to maine
R381 at I-495 - 23rd Dec, 201619
Is there an accident creating the delay on 496
R656 at I-495 - 23rd Dec, 201618
Big slowdown on 495 south before 290. Accident or just volume?
R697 at I-495 - 22nd Dec, 201617
What is DC traffic like 495 nirth
kideda at I-495 - 19th Dec, 201616
What are the real road conditions on 495 ?is it safe tto travel Wednesday to Cape
R930 at I-494 - 18th Dec, 201615
Anyone know what is the road condition from Maple Grove to Bloomington?
R434 at I-495 - 17th Dec, 201614
How r conditions on 495 n
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