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Pj at I-495 - 1 Week Ago32
How is the highway 495 norht to lawrence
Cheryl at I-494 - 1 Week Ago31
Just wondering what the traffic is like coming from Rogers?
R519 at I-495 - 2 Weeks Ago30
Why is there traffic on 495 trying to get to rt 3
R334 at I-495 - 2 Weeks Ago29
R623sue at I-49 - 2 Weeks Ago28
How's the traffic towards Shreveport?
R948 at I-495 - 9th Apr, 201727
Whats goin on 495 now
R476 at I-495 - 8th Apr, 201726
How is traffic on the inner loop going over the cabin john and past the 270 split
R843 at I-495 - 1st Apr, 201725
What is the slow down on 495 Amesbury
R799 at I-495 - 21st Feb, 201724
Right at exit 18
R799 at I-495 - 21st Feb, 201723
There is a car in the wood that the on ramp in Bellingham 126
R855 at I-495 - 21st Feb, 201722
R711: am I seeing this correct? You are at a dead STOP in crash traffic?
R872 at I-495 - 17th Feb, 201721
What's going on ? Why so much traffic?going to Marlborough 🤔
R294 at I-495 - 17th Feb, 201720
Is the tie up an accident or roadwork?
R192 at I-495 - 16th Feb, 201719
What's with the traffic?
JellyB at I-495 - 16th Feb, 201718
If any1 can actually see this ROAD CON MA TO NH / ME ROADS ARE PRETTY GOOD watch out for typical black ice hidden spots esp side roads once off hwy Hope this helps some u out #peace
JellyB at I-495 - 16th Feb, 201717
Hello ppl. Any INFO RE CURRENT ROAD CONDITIONS NH to MA I-495 Southbound ? heading towards I-290 (Palmer) thx so much
JellyB at I-495 - 16th Feb, 201716
Hello? any1 out here?
Bum bee at I-495 - 13th Feb, 201715
Conditions. On 495s in masd
R166 at I-495 - 11th Feb, 201714
What are road conditions on 495 heading south
R918 at I-495 - 10th Feb, 201713
Road conditions for 495 towards Worcester?
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