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Cos at I-55 - 3 Days Ago84
How long a drive between Memphis and St. Louis?
R996 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago83
I55 off Sangamon is at a complete stop
R380 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago82
What happen i55 near Lincoln. Saw car on fire and traffic at a complete stop
Jo at I-55 - 1 Week Ago81
What's happening on I55 south exit 154?
R863 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago80
What's holding up traffic on 55 north near Springfield
Jill at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago79
Is traffic still backed up on 55 south near festus?
R801 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago78
Looks like accident with a motorcycle. We got off Kankakee streator exit and got back on 55 southbound
R435 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago77
I'm on 55 just south of dwight, southbound
Traffic is totally stopped! What is going on?
Kat at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago76
Does anyone know if the bridge has reopened in Memphis
R105 at I-55 - 7th May, 201775
Please someone tell me about I-55 S from I-57 S. Is I-55 open
R105 at I-55 - 7th May, 201774
Is I-55 S closed from I-57. Need a straight answer.
Natgeotv at I-55 - 7th May, 201773
Can I get on I-55 from Martin Luther King Bridge?
Lolo at I-55 - 7th May, 201772
Us there any part off I 55 closed due to flooding
**** at I-55 - 6th May, 201771
Flooding conditions for I55 . From Louisiana to Missouri?? We are traveling in RV
R387 at I-55 - 4th May, 201770
Is I55 closed at Butler hill
R639 at I-55 - 4th May, 201769
Is I-55 closed north of Cape Girardeau?
R802 at I-55 - 4th May, 201768
Is I55 flooded anywhere in between Missouri and arkansas
R802 at I-55 - 4th May, 201767
Is I55 flooded anywhere from Illnois to little rock arkansas
R798 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201766
Can you get from Cape Girardeau to Arnold?
R717 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201765
55 has been closed both directions at Meramec bottoms, south of 255, north of 141.
Closed at 10AM may 4th.
Don't expect to reopen until at least weekend
R861 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201764
Is 55 closed north of arnold?
caro!yn at I-55 - 3rd May, 201763
Is i55 closed from tn to to 255 into il
Al at I-55 - 3rd May, 201762
Is I55 still close in MO ?
TA at I-55 - 3rd May, 201761
Is I55 shut down can you get into Missouri
R759 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201760
Is north bound 55. Closed
Joseph at I-55 - 3rd May, 201759
Did i55 n closed
R100 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201758
Can I make it to Memphis on 55 south from Springfield illinois
R234 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201757
Is bowels going to stay open?
R317 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201756
The news has been saying 55 is going to close soon since yesterday.
But it's still open
R317 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201755
Is 55 South of st. Louis closing?
Anna at I-55 - 3rd May, 201754
Road conditions,flooding from kc,mo to
R649 at I-55 - 3rd May, 201753
Is 55 closed south of St Louis
Amela at I-55 - 2nd May, 201752
Is I-55 closed by Arnold?
Brick at I-55 - 2nd May, 201751
What are road conditions on I55 between Memphiscans St. Louis
R320 at I-55 - 2nd May, 201750
What time will they close l-55 south
Angie T at I-55 - 2nd May, 201749
Is l-55 south close
Boney at I-55 - 2nd May, 201748
R373: are they starting the shutdown now ??
R581 at I-55 - 2nd May, 201747
Is 55 open from St Louis to Arkansas?
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