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Report an incident on I-57 in Missouri

State: MO | IL
Report an incident on I-57 in Missouri
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Moonraker at I-57 - 3 Days Ago72
Chicago to Nashville less construction 57/or 65 Indiana is usually horrible I'm going to bama in July give me.some feedback thanks travelers
R301 at I-57 - 5 Days Ago71
Is I57 closed?
R215 at I-57 - 5 Days Ago70
Why is there a closure on i57
R301 at I-57 - 6 Days Ago69
R228: can ubsee what the hold up is?
R301 at I-57 - 6 Days Ago68
What is the road closed/traffic jammed on i57s right now?
R301 at I-57 - 6 Days Ago67
Whats going on
R884 at I-57 - 6 Days Ago66
I-57 should I turn around or keep heading south?
R895 at I-57 - 1 Week Ago65
I was north bound on I 57 south of I 94 to approximately 103rd around 9:30 AM I was rear ended by a Black Toyota Camry with Nebraska License Plates the driver fled riding the shoulder anyone with any information??
R377 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago64
Do we know why we're moving slowly?
ghostrider at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago63
Hey 65 to Chicago to Nashville.or.57-24 need opinions in July 2017
R747 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago62
Why is traffic at a stand still
R708 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago61
What's going on? At a standstill
R627 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago60
What up w 55
R105 at I-55 - 7th May, 201759
Please someone tell me about I-55 S from I-57 S. Is I-55 open
R105 at I-55 - 7th May, 201758
Is I-55 S closed from I-57. Need a straight answer.
R813 at I-64 - 5th May, 201757
Are roads open I-64 to I-57 to I-24 Fort CAMPBELL?
Mama jam at I-57 - 5th May, 201756
What's going on on sb i57?
gayle at I-57 - 5th May, 201755
Is I-57 open now in sothern Ill and into MO? I am driving I-57 south to 40 west to Little Rock
R576 at I-57 - 4th May, 201754
What's causing traffic slowdown north of I-24?
Scooter at I-57 - 4th May, 201753
Is 57 open to purchase parkway to union city, TN?
R615 at I-57 - 4th May, 201752
How is 57 south Marion now?
R627 at I-57 - 4th May, 201751
Cause for Delay I 57 South, stop n go slow near exit 45
Bill at I-57 - 4th May, 201750
Do we expect I-57 to be open all day today?
Unk at I-57 - 3rd May, 201749
Is i-57 open for travel from champagne to i-55
Red rider at I-57 - 3rd May, 201748
Is I-57 South flooded?
R158 at I-57 - 30th Apr, 201747
Is i57 flooded
R794 at I-57 - 30th Apr, 201746
How are roads like Reed station‚Äč Rd. Carbondale
Kb20 at I-57 - 30th Apr, 201745
Is 57 open for travel?
R927 at I-57 - 29th Apr, 201744
Any flooding on 57 north bound this morning
R139 at I-57 - 28th Apr, 201743
What's up near rend lake? Traffic jam cause?
R367 at I-57 - 28th Apr, 201742
Is there delays on i57 south, south of Marion
Clint at I-57 - 22nd Apr, 201741
What's going on
R450 at I-57 - 21st Apr, 201740
CAN YOU GO THROUGH ON I57s from marion to sikeston ? i have heard that section is closed.
Steve at I-57 Marion, Illinois Traffic - 19th Apr, 201739
Is there a preferred routing around the congestion south of milepost 53 southbound at marion?
R517 at I-57 - 19th Apr, 201738
Anyone know how long it will take to get out of this mess?
R966 at I-57 - 16th Apr, 201737
I'm heading southbound on 57 from 111th. Anyone know why traffic is so heavy going north?
R489 at I-57 - 11th Apr, 201736
Whats going on on I57 s
Shu at I-57 - 9th Apr, 201735
What is going on on 57 heading to Chicago.
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