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R446 at I-59 - 1 Week Ago10
Accident on 59?
R492 at I-59 - 8th May, 20179
I witnessed the gold Van cross the 4 lanes on I-59 ! I called 911 I need to know what happens
R206 at I-59 - 24th Apr, 20178
Traffic at standstill for an hour. I-59 close to I-24 interchange. Any ideas what's up?
R327 at I-59 - 24th Apr, 20177
Traffic at standstill near trenton on north bound 59
molly at I-59 - 3rd Apr, 20176
How is the travel on i-59 in ms
Kat at I-59 - 13th Mar, 20175
Why is traffic backed up at mile marker 150? It's a dead stop!
R646 at I-59 - 26th Feb, 20174
R977: is there an accident on 59 north
Wink at I-59 - 23rd Feb, 20173
Any idea why traffic is stopped
R353 at I-59 - 10th Feb, 20172
I-59 Northbound: Traffic backed up and at a stand still at exit 117, Steele exit. Tractor trailer vs car accident. Medflight just landed.
Roadnow Chat for I-59 - 10th Dec, 20131
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