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R613 at I-64 - 2 Days Ago106
Is there still road traffic down to one lane between Evansville and Louisville on I 64?
Kitty at I-64 - 5 Days Ago105
Does anyone know why i64 at Buckley is all backed up
R799 at I-64 - 1 Week Ago104
Ok Poppin I'm go to Richmond VCU and the traffic is bad
Tee at I-64 - 1 Week Ago103
I 64 east at exit 8 traffic stopped why?
Bill at I-64 - 1 Week Ago102
How is the traffic out there coming from OXON Hill Maryland
R922 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago101
Any info?
R148 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago100
R867 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago99
Accident near LEE HALL
Construction at I-64,KY - 2 Weeks Ago98
Heavy construction between Midway and Versailles. Lots of workers out. Pay attention!
R781 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago97
How far is 64W backed up out of Charleston? Should we stop in Beckley and kill some time?
R725 at I-64 - 2 Weeks Ago96
R557: what's going on with this traffic
R979 at I-64 - 9th May, 201795
What is going on on 64 e West Virginia
PaulW at I-64,KY - 9th May, 201794
Delays on eastbound at Winchester
rgacwby at I-64 - 8th May, 201793
Does anyone know what's going on I-64 east bound near exit 42?
R171 at I-64 - 6th May, 201792
Traveling west. Need to know if I-64 is open near St Louis
R813 at I-64 - 5th May, 201791
Are roads open I-64 to I-57 to I-24 Fort CAMPBELL?
R387 at I-64 - 5th May, 201790
Has the traffic on I-64 @ exit 45 picked up any?
R748 at I-64 - 4th May, 201789
I live in downtown need to catch l-64 Lexington ramp is it open today due to derby
smurf at I-64 - 4th May, 201788
I-64 WB traffic stopped near exit 23 in IL
R205 at I-64 - 4th May, 201787
Why is traffic stopped on 64
R205 at I-64 - 4th May, 201786
What's blocking 64?
R627 at I-64 - 3rd May, 201785
R194: had heard stopped traffic ahead past okaville due to accident...any in your location
R452 at I-64 - 30th Apr, 201784
Is I-64 still closed due to flooding?
R743 at I-64 - 30th Apr, 201783
What is wrong on 64wb near Williamsburg? 4/30 1230
R319 at I-64 - 29th Apr, 201782
Is westbound 64 still closed at mile marker 68 due to flooding?
R540 at I-64 - 29th Apr, 201781
Nice ****....
R302 at I-64 - 28th Apr, 201780
R347: do u know what going on
R622 at I-64 - 25th Apr, 201779
What's with this slowdown?
R827 at I-64 - 25th Apr, 201778
What is going on i64 west
R361 at I-64 - 22nd Apr, 201777
Is the wreck on 64E close to being cleare
R386 at I-64 - 22nd Apr, 201776
How far up is wreck
R311 at I-64 - 22nd Apr, 201775
Traffic at the High Rise is in a complete stop, both sides. Everyone is being rerouted.
Bingbong at I-64 - 21st Apr, 201774
Me in traffic long time
R169 at I-64 - 21st Apr, 201773
Traffic is at a complete stop!
R334 at I-64 - 21st Apr, 201772
Does anyone know how long interstate 64 id going yo be shut down going southbound.
R351 at I-64 - 21st Apr, 201771
Does anyone know why traffic is stopped
R370 at I-64 - 21st Apr, 201770
Any one know why traffic is backed up east of Charleston?
R372 at I-64 - 18th Apr, 201769
Is 64 westbound still closed?
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