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R453 at I-65 - Yesterday, 07:49 AM370
Is traffic bad on I 65 north near Brentwood, TN heading to 440?
Mus at I-65 - 2 Days Ago369
R429 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago368
What's the northbound traffic look like from Indy to lafayette?
R198 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago367
Crawling traffic I 65 Dayton
R835 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago366
Heading to Chicago from Indy.. road conditions ?
R399 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago365
Heading for round trip today from Chgo to Indy. What are the road conditions on 65?
R399 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago364
Heading for round trip today from Chgo to Indy. What are the toad conditions on 65?
R646 at I-65 - 4 Days Ago363
Trying to get home to Chicago - how are the road? Has the ice come yet? Should we stop or drive straight through?
Pat at I-65 - 5 Days Ago362
What's going on? Two police cars driving slowly on I65 . No traffic can pass.
Travelor at I-65 - 5 Days Ago361
T raving to Chicago on 65 how's traffic and cocditions
R761 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago360
I'm driving from Fort Wayne to Nashville, what are the road conditions like this afternoon and evening for travel from I 65 south all the way to Nashville?
MO at I-65 - 5 Days Ago359
What has traffic stopped on I65 N
R423 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago358
What is happening on 65 South between Seymour & Crothersville
R322 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago357
Is anyone close to the crash???
R984 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago356
What is going on i65 at roselawn
R420 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago355
Why are we stopped on I65 between Columbus and Seymour?
Hoover Girl at I-65 - 1 Week Ago354
How is 65N from Hoover to Oxmoor Exit toward Greensprings?
Hardwork at I-65 - 1 Week Ago353
Traveling from Bessemer to alabaster how's the traffic on I65
Nae girl at I-65 - 1 Week Ago352
Traveling from birmingham t Pell city, need the road conditions
Nae girl at I-65 - 1 Week Ago351
Road conditionfrom birminghamto Pell city In the morning
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