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R317 at I-65 - 48 Minutes Ago500
How clear is I65 south from Huntsville? Going to FL.
R244 at I-65 - 2 Days Ago499
Near Birmingham?
R244 at I-65 - 2 Days Ago498
Where is mile marker 231
R140 at I-65 - 2 Days Ago497
Road construction in mongomey alabama
K at I-65 - 2 Days Ago496
President just landed
K at I-65 - 2 Days Ago495
Anyone know how long we are stuck here
PA at I-65 - 3 Days Ago494
Why is this horrible traffic on i65 near Louisville?
R348 at I-65 - 5 Days Ago493
Is there construction going on i65 south of Birmingham? Or an accident?
Allen at I-65 - 1 Week Ago492
Traffic slowdown on I 65 North south of Montgomery.
R166 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago491
What are the weather conditions for I/65 S for Thursday?
R867 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago490
Is 65 north open tohun
is 65 north open to Huntsville
APP at I-65 - 1 Week Ago489
R859 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago488
How is the weather of 65 south
R660 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago487
Any updates for southbound I66 near Booneville? Have been at a stand still for 3 hours.
Tu16 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago486
That's what I am wondering? Any updates?
R507 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago485
Any status update? Wondering if I should just take a nap.
R675 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago484
Has anyone made it out by turning Around?
R496 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago483
Is anybkdy close enough to see if they are close to clearing the jackknifed truck?
R740 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago482
Should we be turning around?
R363 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago481
We've been sitting for almost two hours near Upton. A truck jackknifed.
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