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R422 at I-65 - 6 Hours Ago356
Is exit 45 on 65 still blocked?
R297 at I-65 - 22 Hours Ago355
Are the speed limits in force in road construction areas for Memorial Day weekend?
About to be annoyed at I-65 - Yesterday, 03:22 PM354
Is the northbound lane still closed?
Rick at I-65 - Yesterday, 02:30 PM353
What is the delay on I65 around Seymour going north & any idea of approximate delay time? Thanks.
R968 at I-65 - 2 Days Ago352
What's the hold up now
R968 at I-65 - 2 Days Ago351
What's the hold ip
Tylikt at I-65 - 2 Days Ago350
Bad wreck near Portland Tennessee
DaNUT at I-65 - 2 Days Ago349
What's up with the backup right out of Kentucky and in Tennessee
R155 at I-65 - 2 Days Ago348
What's going on 65 headed north in warrior al
SR at I-65 - 6 Days Ago347
How is the traffic around Lafayette heading north to Chicago
Rogue at I-65 - 6 Days Ago346
How is the traffic I-65 north from Munfordville KY to Elizabethtown ky
Rogue at I-65 - 6 Days Ago345
How is traffic northbound 65 from Munfordville KY to Elizabethtown ky
Ss at I-65 - 6 Days Ago344
65 going towards Indy from Henryville, are all lanes open & coming back from Indy as well?
R913 at I-65 - 6 Days Ago343
What's going on ? Why are we crawling
****ed off on 65 sou at I-65,KY - 1 Week Ago342
What Einstein approved this!!!!
R270 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago341
what's going on north 65
MLG at I-65 - 1 Week Ago340
MLG at I-65 - 1 Week Ago339
Need exit numbers for 65 north BP gas stations
R383 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago338
Need assistance near mile marker 235
R189 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago337
what going on wreak?
R234 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago336
What is going on I65 south of Hope Hull
Joe at I-65 Mobile, Alabama Traffic - 1 Week Ago335
R182 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago334
65 is the worst highway in the most boring state. If I lived here I'd kill myself
Jiohn C at I-65,IN - 1 Week Ago333
Interstate 65 going south towards Indianapolis. Traffic backed up for hours seemingly. What the hell is wrong with the state I'm from Illinois and we're supposed to be the worst state. With Indiana is terrible never coming back I swear to God
John C at I-65,IN - 1 Week Ago332
Indiana highway 65 going south traffic going NO where. Unacceptable. Disgraceful
R104 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago331
Near lafeyette. Traffic stopped. Anyone know why
R557 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago330
Something has big back up on 65 south
R604 at I-65 - 1 Week Ago329
What is happening on 65 S just S of Lafayette?
R362 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago328
What does 31 detour look like?
R362 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago327
Are both I65 nortbound lanes still closed?
R134 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago326
Are traffic gettinwg off i-65 because of the wreck
Sn at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago325
There's an overturned tanker Truck at mile marker 237.
R216 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago324
What is going on with I65 near Alabama? Is the northbound and southbound both closed?
R635 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago323
How's 65 looking? Accident cleared?
R297 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago322
Why is 65 closed?
R907 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago321
What's going on?!
R188 at I-65 - 2 Weeks Ago320
What's the hold up?
Janet I-65 NB at I-65,IN - 2 Weeks Ago319
At exit 220 slowed with accident ahead.
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