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R877 at I-69 - 4 Days Ago66
5 mph block on right side
R368 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago65
Turn around and drive down the shoulder they will redirect to exit 14 when you get off take a right take it to 38 and take a right and go down about four miles and it will go back to 69 past the traffic jam
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago64
Been sitting 2 & half hours this is crazy they can't open one lane even a damb shoulder wtf
R355 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago63
Have been sitting here for 90+ minutes
R355 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago62
What in the world could take this long
R368 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago61
Are they letting people off on exit 219
R368 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago60
Is anyone getting off of exit 219 or are they still turning them around
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago59
What r these idiots doing
Brody at I-69 Anderson, Indiana - 1 Week Ago58
Is there an accident on Interstate 69 near Pendleton? Do you know anything about it.
R320 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago57
There were people going down the shoulder but now the cops just went that way. Long trip back to Marion
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago56
Looks like they r sending all up the shoulder after we turn around
R244 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago55
Just got directed off on exit214
R765 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago54
Are the cops turning people around?
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago53
Try to get off on 214 if they r turning us around here they come down the shoulder
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago52
Sorry wife said 217
Emily at I-69 - 1 Week Ago51
I'm at mile 215.4 in the very back
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago50
About mile marker 218 and just sitting still
R304 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago49
I69 northbound, update?
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago48
We're is the back
R771 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago47
Left lane moved fourty feet..we should be right about 218. We r close to racking a nap
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