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R929 at I-69 - 16 Hours Ago92
Is there a wreck on 69 north near exit 234
R929 at I-69 - 16 Hours Ago91
What's the slowdown on northbound 69 exit 234
R929 at I-69 - 16 Hours Ago90
What's the slowdown near exit 234 northbound
R313 at I-69 - 17 Hours Ago89
Wreck on southbound of 69
R263 at I-69 - 18 Hours Ago88
Why is I69 stopped by southbound to 116th?
R596 at I-69 - 21 Hours Ago87
I69 southbound near ashley?
R461 at I-695 - 3 Days Ago86
Anyone know what the problem is on 695 headed towards Glen Burnie right now?
R751 at I-69 - 5 Days Ago85
I 69 northbound in Kentucky traffic is stopped why
R250 at I-69 - 5 Days Ago84
What has happened
R378 at I-69 - 5 Days Ago83
What is holdup?
R818 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago82
Is traffic moving down to one lane?
R818 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago81
There are three accidents traffic is at standstill on i75 n are we going to one lane?
R166 at I-69 - 2 Weeks Ago80
How bad are the roads on 69 through Indianapolis
Peej at I-696 - 2 Weeks Ago79
R345: what's with traffic?
R746 at I-695 - 2 Weeks Ago78
Anyone know what 702 +695 going toward Towson looks like?
Helen at I-695 - 2 Weeks Ago77
What is the 695 like? Can I get to Towson?
Ms. Karen at I-69 - 2 Weeks Ago76
Horse is contained,
Ms. Karen at I-69 - 2 Weeks Ago75
Horse loose on I 69 south bound 324 resulting from a crash
R923 at I-69 - 8th Mar, 201774
What's going on
R448 at I-69 - 6th Mar, 201773
Is I-69 northbound lane going toward Anderson still backed up?
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