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R399 at I-69 - 2 Days Ago26
What's traffic jam on 69 close to fishers about
MICH at I-69 - 1 Week Ago25
How is I-69 heading north from Indy to Ft.Wayne?
R910 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago24
We are traveling on I69 south just passed limestone and we have to travel 70 more miles.
Tell me the weather updates i69 s and I 75 south
R593 at I-69 - 1 Week Ago23
I69 east of irish?
josh at I-69 - 2 Weeks Ago22
What happened on i-69 around the 82nd Street exit?
Yoyo at I-696 - 2 Weeks Ago21
Was a women pulled from a burning car on 696 at groesbeck today? I heard a story that I'd like to confirm
dave at I-69 - 2 Weeks Ago20
what is up north of coldwater, have been at a stop for over 1 hour
R928 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago19
How are the roads from Southaven I-69 to I-61 south
R911 at I-695 - 4th Jan, 201718
Is 695 west still closed
R894 at I-69 - 3rd Jan, 201717
Why is traffic slowed/stopped between Anderson and Muncie
Angel at I-69 - 18th Dec, 201616
How is the road conditions? 69 N between PokagonFremont In and Marshall Mi?
R219 at I-69 - 18th Dec, 201615
Are roads icy from Ball State University to Carmel? Taking 69 south.
R683 at I-69 - 18th Dec, 201614
R roads icy from fishers exit to ft Wayne?
R342 at I-69 - 18th Dec, 201613
Are the roads clear from indy to fort Wayne
Rex at I-69 - 18th Dec, 201612
How are road conditions from Bedford to Evansville?
Rex at I-69 - 18th Dec, 201611
How are road condition from Crane Depot to Evansville?
R819 at I-69 - 18th Dec, 201610
How are the road conditions on I 69 from Indianapolis, IN to Thomsonville, MI
R819 at I-69 - 18th Dec, 20169
We are traveling from Carmel,IN to Thomsonville, Michigan. How are the road conditions?
R853 at I-69 - 18th Dec, 20168
How is 69south?
R408 at I-69 - 17th Dec, 20167
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