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R972 at I-71 - 1 Week Ago21
What is going on near mile marker 172
R163 at I-71 - 2 Weeks Ago20
What's going on at I71 in KY near Sanders?
R280 at I-71 - 2 Weeks Ago19
Any accidents on 71 North of Polaris?
R183 at I-71 - 2 Weeks Ago18
How is roads on 71 north
R103 at I-71 - 2 Weeks Ago17
What is going on at 71 north, near polaris??
R269 at I-71 - 27th Dec, 201616
What kind of accident?
R508 at I-71 - 22nd Dec, 201615
Severe accident requiring medical helicopter.
R505 at I-71 - 22nd Dec, 201614
Hwy 71 south stopped due to accident
71 At 42 southbound at I-71,OH - 20th Dec, 201613
Highway closed southbound past US-42 due to an accident
R796bev at I-71 - 19th Dec, 201612
Why is traffic stopped on 71 near campbellsburg
steve at I-71 - 19th Dec, 201611
R393: Why is traffic stopped on 71?
R644 at I-71 - 18th Dec, 201610
How is 71 between mansfield and Columbus this morning? Okay to drive?
Panky at I-71 - 18th Dec, 20169
I thinking about driving to Ashland tomorrow. How are the roads?
R617 at I-71 - 17th Dec, 20168
what's the expressway like in the Ashland and north of Ashland area
R735 at I-71 - 17th Dec, 20167
Anyone know whats going on near the Lagrange exit on I-71 south
R299 at I-71 - 17th Dec, 20166
What's up with I 71 going south near la grange north of louisville
R276 at I-71 - 17th Dec, 20165
Hi, can anyone say if I-71 N is safe or icy?
R708 at I-71 - 17th Dec, 20164
What's with the traffic? Should we take us62?
R212 at I-71 - 17th Dec, 20163
What happened on I-71 south just past grove city
Roadnow Chat for I-710,CA - 10th Dec, 20132
Welcome to Roadnow Chat Room. Your input will help all your fellow drivers on the road. Don't Text & Drive. Thank you!
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