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R637 at I-71 - 4 Days Ago58
What is going on with traffic on 71n
Rob at I-71,KY - 4th Mar, 201757
Rt 75 S KY Dixie Hwy to Rt 275 shut down for over 30 minutes now!
R259 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201756
Did traffic open up or is it still backed up?
R463 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201755
Does anyone know mike marker where accident is?
R672 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201754
Fatal Crash
Big Daddy at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201753
We been on i71 almost 2hrs with a car full of kids, what's going on up there an accident or construction?
R817 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201752
Anyone know what's going on?
Heidi at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201751
What is traffic STOPPED????
R920 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201750
Anyone know if there is a turn around place?
R475 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201749
Does anyone know what's going on 71?
R840 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201748
Any estimated time when it will reopen
R771 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201747
Anyone know why this is closed and if it
is opening?
R595 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201746
Any body knows plz
R595 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201745
How many hours we have to wait
R990 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201744
What has it shut down?
R595 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201743
Hello is it accident
Baldheat at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201742
Thanks for the update
Everett at I-71,KY - 3rd Mar, 201741
71 north bound is shut down between Carrollton and exit 55
R990 at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201740
Anyone know what is going on between Carroll and Sparta?
Baldheat at I-71 - 3rd Mar, 201739
71 northbound near sparta, dead still anyone know what's up?
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