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R277 at I-75 - 1 Hour Ago235
Is traffic still backed up on 75 at calhoun ga
Rdw1969 at I-75 - 1 Hour Ago234
Any word on traffic on I75 south of Dalton Ga?
R441 at I-75 - 2 Hours Ago233
Any info on traffic i75 near resaca? How much further?
R698 at I-75 - 2 Hours Ago232
Can I see a clearing
Flo at I-75 - 2 Hours Ago231
Where is the clearing on 75 S in Re$aca
Frustrated at I-75 - 2 Hours Ago230
What's going on on 75 Resaca all the way back to East Ridge? Been in almost sit still traffic for one hour and a half?
R628 at I-75 - 3 Hours Ago229
Why the delay on I-75 south?
R606 at I-75 - 3 Hours Ago228
R731: what seems to be holding us up
R860 at I-75 - 4 Hours Ago227
On I 75 south is exit 171 for oh 25 open?
R718 at I-75 - 7 Hours Ago226
We are travelling on the i75 South seems to be lot of traffic- does anyone know why please?
R230 at I-75 - Yesterday, 11:52 AM225
Traffic coming from high falls exit to Forsyth on boxankle road is steady. Again...... What is going on out there on 75
R842 at I-75 - Yesterday, 06:48 AM224
How is traffic on I75 NB thru Atlanta this morning?
R358 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago223
How long before we move?
R358 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago222
Traffic not moving
People lose their... at I-75 - 2 Days Ago221
Minds near 75 and wildwood. This stretch of road has delayed me the last three trips.
R564 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago220
What is causing backup
R162 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago219
How much longer?
R162 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago218
Why r we stopped?
R483 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago217
I75 what's the problem?
R185 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago216
What's going on I75
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