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R671 at I-75 - 10 Hours Ago286
Anyone know why the highway is closed off?
R843 at I-75 - Yesterday, 08:14 PM285
Any one know when road might open up!
R293 at I-75 - Yesterday, 06:14 PM284
Can anyone see the accident on alligator alley at mm 64? Is it close to being cleared?
Adrion at I-75 - Yesterday, 05:52 PM283
I 75 west to Naples accident?
Adrion at I-75 - Yesterday, 05:48 PM282
We are stuck on I 75 alligator alley do you know what is the problem
R195 at I-75 - Yesterday, 04:26 PM281
How is traffic nortbound from exit 90 to exit 120
R552 at I-75 - 2 Days Ago280
How is traffic between Exit 293 south bound to Hwy 56 on I75?
R334 at I-75 - 5 Days Ago279
Anyone have info on 75 south at Gordon co line
R342 at I-75 - 6 Days Ago278
What's going on with I 75 south close to extend 318
R225 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago277
What's going on I75 exit 86 in Michigan
R443 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago276
I am traveling from Wesley Chapel to Ft. Lauterdale tomorrow morning at 8: what road problems should i expect
R616 at I-75 - 1 Week Ago275
What's up on I-75 s between exit 333-228
R354 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago274
How many rest areas are there on i-75n between Tampa fl and Gainesville fl?
R160 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago273
What''s the problem around i4 exit?
Joe at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago272
Does someone knows what is going on? We stuck in the traffic for 45 minutes
54321 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago271
How's the roads from northern Michigan to Detroit on 75
R249 at I-75 - 2 Weeks Ago270
I'm just wondering how the roads are on I-75 I have to go to Detroit today
R690 at I-75 - 5th Feb, 2017269
When will the traffic move ? Is this a fatilty
R273 at I-75 - 4th Feb, 2017268
On i75 north headed to Cleveland but traffic s backed up wuts up?
Tpa airport from srq at I-75 - 4th Feb, 2017267
Accidents on I-75 northbound?skyway?
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