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  • 92 seconds ago
    Congestion, avg 25mph on I-75 NB between US-321 and I-40, near Lenoir City,TN
    Traffic congestion, average speed 25mph on I-75 NB between US-321/TN-95/Exit 81 and I-40/Exit 84
    start time: 2015-01-29 08:43:00 EST
    end time: 2015-01-29 09:13:00 EST
  • 37 minutes ago
    I-75 S/B : right lane(s) blocked at I-75, near Chattanooga,TN
    Right lane(s) blocked due to multi-vehicle accident on I-75 Southbound in East Ridge.
    start time: 2015-01-29 08:04:10 EST
    end time: 2015-01-29 09:05:00 EST
  • 308 days ago
    TN-62 : intermittent lane closures between I-75 Exit 1 and TN-131, near Knoxville,TN
    Intermittent lane closures due to construction on TN-62 both ways between TN-131 and I-75.
    start time: 2014-03-26 08:00:00 EDT
    end time: 2015-04-30 11:59:00 EDT
  • I-75 Tennessee Traffic and Road Conditions from DOT

    • 55m 55 minutes ago
      I-75 N in Loudon Co Crash at MM 83 at 8:13 AM 1/29 est clear by 9:14 AM 1/29 (ET
    • 1h 1 hour ago
      I-75 S in Hamilton Co Crash Multiple Vehicles at MM 3 at 8:01 AM 1/29 est clear by 10 AM 1/29 (ET
    • 1h 1 hour ago
      I-75 S in Hamilton Co Crash Multiple Vehicles at MM 2 at 7:54 AM 1/29 est clear by 9:00 AM 1/29 (ET
    • 5h 5 hours ago
      I-75 N in Hamilton Co Crash Multiple Vehicles at MM 11 at 4:12 AM 1/29 est clear by 6:00 AM 1/29 (ET
    • 13h 13 hours ago
      I-75 S in Campbell Co at MM 150 at 8:05 PM 1/28 est clear by 9:06 PM 1/28 (ET

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