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M at I-78,PA - 1 Week Ago52
Diesel oil slick at end of I-78W exit 49A ramp onto Rt-100 South. Very slippery.
R952 at I-78 - 1 Week Ago51
What's happening on 78 in union now? Traffic very slow
R239 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago50
Whats going on rt 78 east?
R370 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago49
What's the traffic on 78 west?
R421 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago48
What is problem on 78w
R385 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago47
Looking to head to Brooklyn from Allentown - how is 78 ? Any problems?
R344 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago46
Anyone know what78 looks like heading to Allentown
R871 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago45
Hows I78 condition from Nj to Harrisburg ?
cap at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago44
How is 78 going to nj I have to get there today
Boss at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago43
I 78 west marker 3 rain and snow
R695 at I-78 - 2 Weeks Ago42
How does the roads look on I 78. Going to New Jersey
R808 at I-78 - 11th Mar, 201741
Does anybody knows anything about I-78 ?
Mary at I-78 - 11th Mar, 201740
What's going on Rt 78? Traffic is all backed up.
Dee at I-78 - 11th Mar, 201739
What happened on i78
Karen at I-78 - 11th Mar, 201738
Traffic on i78 eastbouND near phillipsburg
R280 at I-78 - 11th Mar, 201737
Why is it traffic Phillipsburg I-78 east bound?
R121 at I-78 - 20th Feb, 201736
Large road debris on Rt 78 eastbound at 41.2 mile marker
R633 at I-78 - 17th Feb, 201735
Why is I78 closed
R790 at I-78 - 9th Feb, 201734
Is l-81 CLOSED
R790 at I-78 - 9th Feb, 201733
Is l-78 CLOSED
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