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I like to get moving at I-87 - 2 Weeks Ago26
Is the I87 Still closed at the boarder
I like to get moving at I-87 - 2 Weeks Ago25
Is the i87 Stella closed at the boarder
Unclesam at I-87 - 2 Weeks Ago24
Is I87 open from the Canadian border?
R978 at I-87 - 2 Weeks Ago23
Hello, I have my drivers coming from St. Albany Vermont to Newark, NJ
Can you please advise Rd 87 is open or closed due weather conditions?
R284 at I-87 - 2 Weeks Ago22
Does anyone know if they plan to close 87?
Punky at I-87 - 2 Weeks Ago21
Want to head north on I87 from exit 18 to 20. Is it doable? Are the roads plowed?
R993 at I-87 - 13th Feb, 201720
How is the north way from exit 8 to exit, 30
Frank at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201719
How road condition on 87 Southbound
RNAK at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201718
Nasty snowy roads coming into newburgh
RNAK at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201717
Roads just wet below Ulster service
RNAK at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201716
Snow sticking more speed reduced by Exit 21
RNAK at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201715
Fender bender Thruway north below new Baltimore left lane
R849 at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201714
Snowy roads above Albany traffic heavier southbound
R849 at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201713
Traffic slow on 87 s approaching Albany
Samy at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201712
Leaving NYC to Montreal. . What's the traffic conditions on the I87
R352 at I-87 - 12th Feb, 201711
What are the traffic conditions on the thruway
R340 at I-87 - 9th Feb, 201710
Is it drivable to go towards Hudson
R584 at I-87 - 9th Feb, 20179
I have to go to work at the hospital. From Mount Vernon is 87 clear enough to travel?
Bater at I-87 - 2nd Feb, 20178
Hi when open north bound I-87? Pls tell me ty
R476 at I-87 - 27th Jan, 20177
Traffic I 87 jammed just past exit 12 anyone know what's going on
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