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R852 at I-94 - 4 Hours Ago44
12:23 Sunday. Traffic is stopped on I94 East just south of Hwy 137. Anyone know why
Native at I-94 - 2 Days Ago43
Fatal accident before Coloma exit
R118 at I-94 - 2 Days Ago42
Anyone know what causes i94East to close .. been parked for over hour. Sad... curious
R372 at I-94 - 2 Days Ago41
Huge traffic I 94 East
R834 at I-94 - 2 Days Ago40
R243: what is going on up ahead
Sean292 at I-94 - 3 Days Ago39
How much traffic is on this roadway?
R980 at I-94 - 5 Days Ago38
Wtf is going on on 94 just before torrence merge
Brazil at I-94,MI - 1 Week Ago37
Huge traffic jam. Someone hauling big load taking up 2-3 lanes of traffic
R705 at I-94 - 1 Week Ago36
How long do we have to sit on 94 been here for two hours now
R880 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago35
What lane closed at the wreck in Clearwater ,94
R642 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago34
192 B bridge to Canada is blocked any idea what happened
R795 at I-94 - 9th Apr, 201733
Can we take 275 to 94 north to St Clair?
R236 at I-94 - 8th Apr, 201732
What is backup about
WB 94 at I-94,MI - 6th Apr, 201731
Completely stopped between 9th and Mattawan.
R390 at I-94 - 27th Mar, 201730
Anyone know why I 94 westbound Chicago is backed up
R816 at I-94 - 27th Mar, 201729
Any one know why the hold up On the I94 westbound
R660 at I-94 - 21st Mar, 201728
R660 at I-94 - 21st Mar, 201727
R823 at I-94 - 18th Mar, 201726
Anyone know how this situation turned out? We just whitnessed a kid jump out of his vehicle, attack a state patrolman, then proceed to get into multiple vehicles while finally climbing on top of a white semi. Before this his vehicle was traveling west on I-94 E and got high centered on the median fence. What a site....
R443 at I-94 - 16th Mar, 201725
Sitting on 94 near 23. What happened?
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