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R660 at I-94 - 3 Days Ago129
R660 at I-94 - 3 Days Ago128
R823 at I-94 - 6 Days Ago127
Anyone know how this situation turned out? We just whitnessed a kid jump out of his vehicle, attack a state patrolman, then proceed to get into multiple vehicles while finally climbing on top of a white semi. Before this his vehicle was traveling west on I-94 E and got high centered on the median fence. What a site....
R443 at I-94 - 1 Week Ago126
Sitting on 94 near 23. What happened?
R601 at I-94 - 1 Week Ago125
Anyone no why 94 and 275 badup
R640 at I-94 - 1 Week Ago124
How s traffic feom Benton Harbor to kazoo
Barmey at I-94 - 1 Week Ago123
Bumper to bumper at Mt Elliot
Denmag at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago122
Coming in from Indiana to Detroit. How's 94?
Debbie at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago121
I94 southbound? Have to travel from Milwaukee to Kenosha and back home again at 8pm. Should I cancel this trip?
Rosie at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago120
Anyone know what the holdup is westbound, we are at mile marker 143
Mel at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago119
I94 Milwaukee to Chicago assessment
Tanya at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago118
What's i94 like from dowagaic to Ann Arbor mi
R693 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago117
Is there an accident ahead
R977 at I-94 - 2 Weeks Ago116
Snow what is it like Hudson to Eau clairey
Lynn at I-94,MN - 2 Weeks Ago115
Green sign right before mile marker 32 the sign posts are weak but biggest concern is that a piece of sign is coming off and don't know if that could pose traffic hazard if that piece comes apart. I 94 eastbound exit around pelican rapids
Laxmon at I-94 - 3rd Mar, 2017114
R396: what is this slowdown on 94w caused by? When does it let up??
Heidi at I-94,MI - 3rd Mar, 2017113
The snow is covering up the lane lines making it difficult to see near Climax, MI.
R436 at I-94 - 1st Mar, 2017112
How are the roads on I-45 and I-94 from West Bend to Kenosha?
R937 at I-94 - 26th Feb, 2017111
Anyone know how far and bad fog/road i94 is from fergus falls down to Albert lea
R575 at I-94 - 24th Feb, 2017110
What is traffic like and road conditions from WI Dells to EauClaire?
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