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MP at I-99 - 2 Weeks Ago9
Driving I 99 N in a few days. Any bad construction areas
R697 at I-99 - 23rd Mar, 20178
Why is there 1 lane below st college
Rocky at I-99 - 3rd Mar, 20177
Is exit 61 closed
Rocky at I-99 - 3rd Mar, 20176
Is exit 99 closed down
PAT at I-99 Altoona, Pennsylvania - 3rd Mar, 20175
Why is I 99 closed on way to St. College
R711 at I-99 - 3rd Mar, 20174
I-99 will probably be shut down for a couple more hours maybe 2hrs? When I passed by taking 550 to North Atherton I saw firetrucks leaving and tow trucks coming in.
R845 at I-99 - 3rd Mar, 20173
Anybody know how long north 99 is to be shut down
kalo at I-99 - 9th Feb, 20172
how are the road condition o i99
Roadnow Chat for I-99 - 10th Dec, 20131
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