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Accidents/Incidents near San Diego, California

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    CA-94 W/B: accident at CA-125
    Accident on CA-94 Westbound at CA-125.
    Start Time: 2018-11-30T17:35:46
    End Time: 2018-11-30T18:12:00
    maplocal traffic
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    I-5 S/B: accident at Exit 22 Clairemont Dr
    Middle lane blocked due to accident on I-5 Southbound at Exit 22 Clairemont Dr.
    Start Time: 2018-11-30T18:06:46
    End Time: 2018-11-30T18:51:31
    maplocal traffic
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    I-8 E/B: stalled vehicle after Lake Murray Blvd
    #2 lane blocked due to stalled vehicle on I-8 Eastbound after Lake Murray Blvd.
    Start Time: 2018-11-30T19:08:35
    End Time: 2018-11-30T19:53:09
    maplocal traffic
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