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  • Frequently Asked Questions about Chat Room

  • Q: What is the purpose of "Chat Room"?
  • A: Chat Room is provided for users or drivers to exchange information on the current road conditons. does not know anything about what is happening on the road right now, only current drivers know.

  • Q: Why didn't I get answers for my questions?
  • A: You are communicating with your fellow drivers who know the current driving conditions on the road but may not have time to answer your questions.

  • Q: What if I didn't get answers for my questions?
  • A: You may research yourself by checking the current traffic, incidents and news.

  • Q: Where can I get more traffic and road condition info?
  • A: Most state Department of Transportation(DOT) provides traffic and road condition info using 511 phone system. Try to call 511 now.

  • Q: Can you tell me tomorrow's driving conditions?
  • A: Road conditions change all the time. In general it is not possible to give advice on tomorrow's driving conditions.

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