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Interstate 435 Descriptions


I-435, a spur route of Interstate 35, is 80.81 miles (130.05 km) long and intersects with nearly every other interstate highway in the Kansas City area (except for Interstate 635 and Interstate 670). An additional 2.8 miles (4.5 km) by Kansas City International Airport is signed along with Interstate 29 and U.S. Route 71, making I-435 the second-longest complete beltway numbered as a single Interstate Highway in the U.S., and 5th longest in the world after Cincinnati, Ohio's Interstate 275 (83.71 miles), Houston Texas's Beltway 8 (88 miles),Berlin's Bundesautobahn 10 (122 miles) and London's M25 motorway (117 miles). ( The majority - 52.8 miles (85.0 km) - of I-435 is within the state of Missouri, and most of that roadway lies within the city limits of Kansas City. The first/last exit is I-435's parent route, Interstate 35. Going clockwise around Kansas City, the next exit is Exit 1A for Lackman Road. The milepost numbers do not start over when I-435 crosses the state line, but where it shares the same roadway as I-29, the latter's milepost (and therefore exit) numbering takes precedence.


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