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R496 at I-20 - 25th Aug, 202019
I-20 Accident near me, reported by R496. Accident is close to I-20 AL Exit 100, near McCalla, about 0.24 mi to the exit
G804 at I-59 - 25th May, 201918
Any news on I59 north stoppage
G804 at I-59 - 25th May, 201917
Any news on I59 north stoppage
G801 at I-59 - 25th May, 201916
Whats goimg on on i-59 NB exit 166 ashville
G801 at I-59 - 25th May, 201915
Whats goimg on on i-59 NB exit 166 ashville
Becki at I-59 - 13th Jul, 201814
Any updates for I-59 North traffic?
Y259 at I-59 - 18th Jun, 201813
Why all the police all along the road on both sides like they're looking for someone?
W611 at I-59 - 14th May, 201812
Does habernaros at ex 32 have truck parking?
W600 at I-59 - 14th May, 201811
Is malfunction junction still closed
R304 at I-59 - 11th May, 201810
What is going on on I69 north bound above Gadsden?
R863 at I-59 - 11th May, 20189
Husband is stuck at mm194 and has been for almost 2 hours. What’s up?
W457 at I-59 - 11th May, 20188
W457: is it a wreck or road work ?
R358 at I-59 - 11th May, 20187
Wondering if it’s open again yet... anyone know anything ?
R459 at I-59 - 11th May, 20186
Anyone know if it’s clear yet ?
W457 at I-59 - 11th May, 20185
Must be bad to make everybody turn around
W457 at I-59 - 11th May, 20184
They have 59 closed going north at nocculla exit what is up
U155 at I-59 - 28th Mar, 20183
R351, are emergency personnel on the scene? We're stuck back here now for almost 20 min.
T472 at I-59 - 18th Mar, 20182
I'm looking for a good hotel with a restaurant and access to a has station near Exit 208. Can you help me?
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