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Report an incident on I-74 in Indiana

State: IL | IN | OH
Report an incident on I-74 in Indiana
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CB at I-74 - 3 Days Ago24
Why is traffic stopped on I 74 near Galesburg?
R489 at I-74 - 1 Week Ago23
R206: why is traffic backed up
Tyler at I-74 - 1 Week Ago22
R785 at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago21
Is 74 closed
R187 at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago20
What happened in the semi and car accident near Danville this a.m.?
R752 at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago19
Any backups on i74 going to brownsburg
R563 at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago18
Can anyone tell me what happened at the 20.5 MM Indiana I74?
R997 at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago17
I 74 EAST between LeRoy and Urbana..slow? How about West back to Bloomington?
R768 at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago16
Anyone know what is going on between Morton and Bloomington on I-74 Eastbound?
R901 at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago15
Is this a accident on 74?
Yana at I-74 - 2 Weeks Ago14
Does anyone know whats up with traffic from Cincinnati to Indiana????
Traffic at I-74,IN - 6th May, 201713
Heavy traffic due to state patrol helping move large metal truck during middle of the day on a Saturday. Completely illogical and ridiculous.
R158 at I-74 - 16th Apr, 201712
How far is interstate closed in Harrison Ohio
R486 at I-74 - 11th Apr, 201711
R486: is the I-74 East exit or whatever still closed going eastbound when you're going on
R795 at I-74 - 13th Mar, 201710
How are the road conditions on 74 east
R109 at I-74 - 13th Mar, 20179
How are the road conditions on 74 east
Tommy K at I-74 - 13th Mar, 20178
Champaign to danville please
R201 at I-74 - 13th Mar, 20177
I 74 danville to chamoaign please
R583 at I-74 - 13th Mar, 20176
Wat the 74 looking like
R150 at I-74 - 24th Feb, 20175
Incident on 74 near Greensburg?
Pam at I-74 - 22nd Feb, 20174
What's going on on interstate 74
R383 at I-74 - 16th Feb, 20173
Better to use 65 or 74 right now to get to Orlando?
R245 at I-74 - 9th Feb, 20172
How is 74 toward bloomington
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