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Interstate 76 Descriptions


In Colorado, I-76 is a diagonal route traversing forom Denver to the Nebraska state line. Its entire route is generally parallel to the South Platte River. The route also features one of the longest business routes in the nation, which is I-76 Bus. between Sterling, Colorado and Big Springs, Nebraska. That route directs motorists to business areas in Fort Morgan, Colorado.

In Nebraska, I-76 stretches just over three miles (5 km). It is signed as a north-south direction, as opposed to east-west in Colorado. Its entire route is located in Deuel County, parallel to the South Platte River and U.S. Highway 138. Its only interchange is at Interstate 80, numbered exit 102 based on I-80's mileage.

I-76 begins at Interstate 71 at exit 209, east of Lodi, Ohio; U.S. Route 224 continues west from the end of I-76. The interchange is currently a double trumpet, but it will be reconstructed from 2007 to 2009. [1]) Officially, I-76 begins at the beginning of the ramp from I-71 north; it merges with US 224 at mile 0.61. After passing through rural Medina County, I-76 enters Summit County and soon crosses State Route 21 (old US 21), once the main north-south route through the area until Interstate 77 replaced it, at a cloverleaf interchange. I-76 then passes Barberton and enters Akron; this section of road was built as US 224.

Soon after entering Akron, I-76 exits the main freeway, which continues east as Interstate 277, onto the short Kenmore Expressway; U.S. Route 224 leaves I-76 there and continues east as a surface road after I-277 ends at Interstate 77. Shortly after heading north from the I-277 interchange, I-76 meets I-77 and again turns east, joining southbound I-77 through downtown Akron on the West Expressway. A partial interchange provides access to State Route 59, the Innerbelt, and then I-76 crosses through the Central Interchange, where I-77 goes south (on the South Expressway) and State Route 8 begins to the north (on the North Expressway); I-76 switches from the West Expressway to the East Expressway.

Leaving the Akron area, I-76 again heads through rural areas, crossing Portage County and entering Mahoning County. West of Youngstown, the freeway crosses the Ohio Turnpike. Officially I-76 ends at the Turnpike overpass and I-76K begins on the Turnpike at the overpass, with a similar change happening with Interstate 80 and I-80K (east on the freeway to Youngstown and west on the Turnpike). In reality, access between the roads is via a double trumpet connection in the northeast corner of the crossing, along which I-76 and I-80 both run in opposite directions.

The Ohio Turnpike carries I-76 starting from around Youngstown, Ohio until the Pennsylvania border.


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