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Chat Room for I-80

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R677 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018256
Any eyes up front that can give us an update on accident clean up?
R765 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018255
What type of accident is on i80 west bound? I've been stuck for about 2 hours
R710 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018254
I’m on I-80 W bear cross street. Any news on progress
R386 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018253
Any updates for westbound? Been sitting here going on 3 hours now. Anyone up front see progress?
R448 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018252
I-80 to East Stroudsburg what are the conditions? My friend has been stuck in Columbia Exit 4 and said she is not moving. Update Please
R811 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018251
Is 80 east open yet
R956 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018250
Thx. Eastbound looks open?
R782 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018249
Im right in front of it...they are still cleaning up...😩 in this mess 2 hrs...
R680 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018248
Any updates?
R187 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018247
Any updates on closure
R262 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018246
R664 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018245
tracor trailer flipped over by the scale in new jersey between exit 1 and 4 ... was training east nound and flipped into west bound lanes after crossing the median
R731 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018244
Updates, anyone?
R803 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018243
Why is traffic at a complete stop I-80 East Exit 310? Been sitting almost an hour. No movement.
R794 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018242
Sitting here for 45 minutes going nowhere.
Z022 at I-80 - 5th Jul, 2018241
What is causing the delays heading east on i-80 at the Delaware Water Gap?
R310 at I-80 - 30th Jun, 2018240
Why is traffic not moving west of Grand Island?
R218 at I-80 - 29th Jun, 2018239
Why is traffic backed up east bound on i80 west of Grand island?
R142 at I-80 - 24th Jun, 2018238
Is there an accident on I-80 west of Grand Island, NE? Traffic backup.
R335 at I-80 - 17th Jun, 2018237
Whats going on w/ the traffic back up past south bend Indi, past exit 77 heading E.
Y072 at I-80 - 14th Jun, 2018236
What is going on? Why all the traffic on I 80
X999 at I-80 - 12th Jun, 2018235
Any construction on rt 80 mile marker 15 to 75 east bound?
R318 at I-80 - 10th Jun, 2018234
Semi truck roll over near exit 215, be in left lane
R249 at I-80 - 10th Jun, 2018233
Left lane for 215 mm
R485 at I-80 - 10th Jun, 2018232
What's going on near MN 215? What lane should we be in?
X843 at I-80 - 9th Jun, 2018231
Rolled over dump truck with debris spill
X794 at I-80 - 8th Jun, 2018230
Gram at I-80 - 8th Jun, 2018229
Anyone know what’s holding up traffic on i80 going west just past Marseilles?
R299 at I-80 - 2nd Jun, 2018228
Why was I80 shutdown from exit 45 to 61 eastbound
R531 at I-80 - 1st Jun, 2018227
Moving slowly mile 43
R870 at I-80 - 18th May, 2018226
Isaa anyonein ro route 80 west, NJ now. It took me 9hours to get from GWB, NY to Declare yesterday
R378 at I-80 - 18th May, 2018225
I would like to know if route 80 isaa already open towards Delaware gap
JDMLegends at I-80 - 1st May, 2018224
Exit 15 Mercer PA Multiple Car Crash. Waiting for it to clear up.
R481 at I-80 - 30th Apr, 2018223
Anyone know the holdup reason?
R207 at I-80 - 24th Apr, 2018222
Sitting in traffic for almost 40 min 80 near Tooele exit 99. Anyone know how much longer?
R743 at I-80 - 16th Apr, 2018221
April 15, 2018 @11pm - Is I-80 totally clear of snow and ice in Nebraska?
R651 at I-80 - 16th Apr, 2018220
Is I-80 totally clear of ice and snow from Aurora Nebraska to laramie wyo?
V320 at I-80 - 15th Apr, 2018219
Traffic is at a standstill at Kearney on I80.
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