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Kum . It is close to cities: Reliance, WY (13.6mi/22m mi ); Superior, WY (21.1mi/28m mi ); Green River, WY (23.1mi/25m mi ). You can get to here from exit 107 of i80 (6.5mi/7m mi ); exit 111 of i80 (2.2mi/2m mi ); exit 104 of i80 (8.8mi/10m mi ). Kum can reach interstate highways: i80 (6.5mi/7m mi ); i84 (141.6mi/2.4h mi ); i15 (191.9mi/3.3h mi ). It is also close to local highways: US 30 WY (10.8mi/13m mi ); WY 370 (3.3mi/4m mi ); WY 376 (7.3mi/9m mi ).

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