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R221 at I-95 - 1st Dec, 201913
I-95 Accident near me, reported by R221. Accident is close to I-95 VA Exit 86b a, near Richmond, about 1.91 mi to the exit
R273 at I-83 - 15th Oct, 201812
I-83 Congestion near me, reported by R273
R479 at I-83 - 15th Oct, 201811
I-83 Congestion near me, reported by R479
R796 at I-83 - 15th Oct, 201810
I-83 Accident near me, reported by R796
R479 at I-83 - 15th Oct, 20189
I-83 Accident near me, reported by R479
Kenneth Baker at I-83 - 24th Aug, 20188
How can we get our add in the rest stop on I-83 for any one locks there auto keys in there auto and tractor trailers. our phone number is 717-788-1222
R422 at I-83 - 23rd Jul, 20187
Any delays on northbound 83 above York?
R121 at I-83 - 22nd Mar, 20186
How are the roads to Pennsylvania
Jay at I-83 - 22nd Mar, 20185
Is it still a truck restriction on 83?
R136 at I-83 - 21st Mar, 20184
How are the roads now from Baltimore to New Freedom? Especially 83
BJTG at I-83 - 21st Mar, 20183
I must drive from York, PA to BWI this morning. Will I have trouble
R748 at I-83 - 21st Mar, 20182
How is.83N from york to hbg?
Roadnow Chat for I-83 - 10th Dec, 20131
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