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Constructions near Durham, North Carolina

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Current Constructions
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    Hereford Rd: road closed between Redwood Rd and Cheek Rd
    Road closed due to construction work on Hereford Rd both ways between Redwood Rd and Cheek Rd. Detour in operation - From West side of the road closure at the junction of on Hereford Rd. (SR-1800) and Redwood Rd. (SR-1637) take Redwood Rd. south for +/-0.60 miles to the junction of Creech Rd. (SR-1802). Take a left for +/-1.0 miles to the junction of Cheek Rd. (SR-1800) tale a left for +/- 1.5 miles back to the junction of Hereford Rd. (SR-1800)..
    Start Time: 2021-02-24T03:14:45
    End Time: 2022-06-15T04:00:00
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