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Interstate 96 Descriptions


Interstate 96 begins with a 3/4 cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 31 in Norton Shores, Michigan, near Muskegon. From the start, the highway has a grassy median and 2 lanes in each direction. I-96 starts off by traveling southeast for a distance of around 10 miles until it reaches Nunica. At this point, it turns in an east-southeastern direction for 25 total miles until it reaches the city of Grand Rapids. Shortly before reaching Grand Rapids, I-96 intersects U.S. Route 131 and crosses over the Grand River for the first time. About 3 miles after passing US-131, I-96 travels south for around 3 miles until the junction with Interstate 196, a branch route of I-96 which begins in Grand Rapids and terminates at Interstate 94 near Benton Harbor. For the next 10 miles, I-96 travels in a southeast direction. During this section, the highway currently has weave merge lanes which expand the freeway to 4 lanes at points. After leaving Grand Rapids, I-96 runs due east for approximately 25 miles. I-96 then turns southeast near Portland, crosses over the Grand River for a second time, and continues in a southeast direction for 18 miles. I-96 then merges with Interstate 69 outside of Lansing, and the two highways are co-signed for the next 6.5 miles traveling due south. While I-96 is co-signed with I-69, Interstate 496 branches off the highway and travels through Lansing until it meets I-96 again south of Lansing. After I-69 splits off I-96 southwest of Lansing, I-96 has a short 2 mile leg where it travels southeast, after which it travels east-southeast for approximately 30 miles. Near Farmington, I-96 turns southward and merges with Interstate 275; Interstate 696 branches off at this junction and runs east to Interstate 94. I-96 is co-signed with I-275 for about 7.5 miles. In Livonia, I-96 splits off of I-275 and turns eastward towards Detroit. After the Outer Drive exit, express lanes begin in both directions. Three miles from where I-96 enters Detroit is a massive interchange with M-39/Southfield Freeway, which is called "Malfunction Junction" by some locals. I-96 turns southeast here and enters Detroit, where it becomes known as the Rosa Parks Memorial Freeway. I-96 intersects Interstate 94 within Detroit. Two miles after the I-94 interchange, I-96 reaches its eastern terminus at Interstate 75/Fisher Freeway.


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