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Delaware Road Travel Guide

Welcome to Delaware Roads ... where you'll find the most complete travel information about local roads and interstate highways in the state of Delaware, including road conditions, traffic conditions, weather, accident reports, gas stations, restaurants, hotels and motels, rest areas, exits, local points of interest along highways and much more ...

Delaware Roads

  • Interstate Highways in Delaware
  • Interstate 95 (I-95) I I 495 DE, Direction: S-N, Length: 11.47 miles I 295 DE NJ, Direction: S-N, Length: 73.50 miles
  • US Highways in Delaware
  • US 9 Delaware, Direction: W-E, Length: 30.89 miles US 13 Delaware, Direction: S-N, Length: 103.33 miles US 40 Delaware, Direction: W-E, Length: 17.18 miles US 113 Delaware, Direction: S-N, Length: 9.10 miles US 202 Delaware, Direction: S-N, Length: 13.06 miles US 301 Delaware, Direction: S-N, Length: 14.93 miles
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