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PA 764

Pennsylvania Route 764 is a north–south state highway in Blair County, of the U.S. state of Pennsylvania. The route is one of many major north–south throughfares in Altoona. South of the city near Duncansville, a suburb and unofficial section of Altoona, it terminates at an interchange with U.S. Route 22. The northern terminus is located several miles north of Altoona in Pinecroft, at an interchange with Interstate 99 and U.S. Route 220, at exit 39.

Route 764 begins interchanging U.S. Route 22, south of downtown Altoona. The junction is composed of two trumpet-style interchanges connecting PA 764 with the US 22 freeway. However the road itself (known as the 6th Avenue Road) continues much farther south and north of its designation as Route 764.

From there, 764 is aligned north–south past the southern Altoona suburbs and small hamlets. The route is also parallel west of I-99/US 220. Upon entering the city, 764 becomes 6th Avenue. 6th Avenue begins intersecting high street-numbers from the south to lower numbers in the north. Approaching the downtown area, 764 splits into the 6th and 7th Avenue one-way pair upon entering the commercial district of Altoona. 6th Avenue is mostly the boundary between the downtown and Dutch Hill (except near the school zones). The two pairs intersect Union Avenue (PA 36) near the heart of the city, around the edge of the downtown.

The 764 one-way couple remain parallel and separate for a long distance into the northern portions of Altoona. In the northern section of the city, the two pairs merge and turn right onto Lloyd Street; Lloyd Street turns north to become Walton Avenue. Outside of Altoona, 764 merges onto U.S. Route 220 Business, to begin a long overlap with the route on Pleasant Valley Boulevard. Even though the route itself turns onto Lloyd Street, the Sixth Avenue Road continues northward.

In Pinecroft, 764 leaves US 220 BUS to turn east. A short distance east of the overlap, 764 terminates an at interchange with I-99/US 220, at exit 39.

Throughout much of its history, PA 764 was U.S. Route 220 north of Altoona. From the 1940s to the 1990s, the designation was in place. Before the bill was passed to form the high, from Duncansville to Altoona, it was designated as Pennsylvania Route 264, following the decommission of Pennsylvania Route 64.

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