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PA 867

Pennsylvania Route 867 (PA 867) is a 12-mile (19 km) long state highway located in Bedford and Blair counties in Pennsylvania. The southern terminus is at PA 869 in South Woodbury Township. The northern terminus is at PA 36/PA 164 in Roaring Spring.

PA 867 begins at an intersection with PA 869 in the community of Brumbaugh in South Woodbury Township, Bedford County, heading northeast on two-lane undivided Lafayette Road. The road heads between forested Dunning Mountain to the west and farms to the east. The route passes through more agricultural areas in a valley with occasional homes, passing through Lafayetteville before crossing into Bloomfield Township. In this area, PA 867 runs through more rural surroundings, coming to an intersection with the northern terminus of PA 868. Past this intersection, the road continues north through more farmland with some woods and residences, heading through Bakers Summit.

PA 867 enters Taylor Township in Blair County and runs north-northeast through agricultural areas with woods and homes, becoming Bloomfield Road. The road continues through rural areas before heading into Roaring Spring and becoming Bloomfield Street, heading north past homes. The route turns north onto Main Street and crosses the Hollidaysburg and Roaring Spring Railroad, heading into residential and commercial areas. At the intersection with Spang Street, PA 867 becomes a one-way pair with the southbound direction continuing along one-way Main Street and the northbound direction heading northeast on two-way Spang Street before heading northwest on one-way East Main Street. The two directions of the route merge back together and continue north on Main Street between industrial areas to the west and homes to the east. PA 864 crosses back into Taylor Township and heads through wooded areas, ending at an intersection with PA 36/PA 164.

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