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R644 at I-10 - 5 Hours Ago93
I think it's a clean up reck
R462 at I-10 - Yesterday, 09:09 PM92
Is it clear now?
Juliesmile at I-10 - Yesterday, 06:55 PM91
Well we exited at desert center, never did find the source, but it cleared up around a few miles out of desert center
Juliesmile at I-10 - Yesterday, 06:30 PM90
Don't know what happened yet, but it cleared up for a bit after Hatfield road, but have stopped again... I'll keep u posted
R588 at I-10 - Yesterday, 06:15 PM89
Anyone in here? Why the backup from chiraco?
R869 at I-10 - Yesterday, 04:58 PM88
I10 East is still backed up. Anyone know why? thanks.
R187 at I-10 - Yesterday, 03:15 PM87
Anyone know why I 10 between Desery Ctr and Indio is stopped.
R363 at I-10 - Yesterday, 02:39 PM86
Rv chase and the cops used spikes. The rv is blocking the hw.
R904 at I-10 - Yesterday, 01:57 PM85
I don't know, but it's a dead stop.
R865 at I-10 - Yesterday, 01:36 PM84
Does anyone know why Hwy 10 is shut down
R324 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago83
At Louisiana welcome center and traffic is backed up going east bound. Reason?
R416 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago82
Is traffic clear on I10 east out of Slidell
R416 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago81
Is traffic still backed up on 1 10 east bound out of Slidell
R865 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago80
R993: whats going on up there? Accident?
R721 at I-10 - 2 Days Ago79
EB I-10 at a stand still on bridge before Kenner
X at I-10 - 3 Days Ago78
EB barely moving.
X at I-10 - 3 Days Ago77
R394: What is the problem?
R608 at I-10 - 4 Days Ago76
Are there any road closures heading to Palm Springs on I-10
I10 at I-10,TX - 4 Days Ago75
I10 from Beaumont to Houston after exit 819 but before exit 815 traffic at a standstill. Unknown if accident or construction.
R558 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago74
Whats going on westbound on i 10 near live oak?
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