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R495 at I-10 - 4 Hours Ago134
How is i10 west to resler from cotton
Denise at I-5 - Yesterday, 03:55 PM133
My daughter will be driving my husband and son down the Corvallis Oregon two Orange County what would be the best route to take regarding road conditions because after made it to Orange County my husband will drive from there on the I-10 to Mesa Arizona can you advise me of information regarding the trip down home they will be leaving on Saturday the 25th of February I know road conditions to change so I'm hoping that there's a way you can inform me so that I can relay information to them
R718 at I-10 - Yesterday, 02:22 PM132
Why is traffic at a standstill on the pearl river bridge by the Mississippi line?
R718 at I-10 - Yesterday, 02:17 PM131
Why so much congestion by the Mississippi line?
sparky at I-10 - 2 Days Ago130
Why is there a traffic jam on 1-10 extending both east and west of Cabazon?
Rob at I-10 - 3 Days Ago129
Is i10 closed in Houston
R286 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago128
Why is i10 backed up
R453 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago127
Does anyone know what's going on i10with just before tallahasse
R492 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago126
What's going on I-10 west bound outside of Tallahassee?
Aaronette2014 at I-10 - 5 Days Ago125
Is there any accidents between citronelle alabama to texas tonight involving a white single cab dodge truck
R899 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago124
Is i10 east bound closed from 83rd
R767 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago123
Accident on I-10 East of quartzite. Traffic bogged down 45min
R838 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago122
Will i10 be closed west bound?...can 101 be used
R416 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago121
What is going on I10 east
R808 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago120
West bound lanes
R808 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago119
Anyone know why 10 before Duson,La is a parking lot
R571 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago118
2:30 am I-10 east is a parking lot at the New Mexico border. Anyone know if traffic is getting through or what's going on?
R181 at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago117
Someone said there was an area on interstate 10 that was mandatory chains today. Can anybody tell me if that is true?
DjRog at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago116
Need to head home to Destin from Jacksonville. Hi as the storm past yet? Is the interstate clear?
DjRog at I-10 - 2 Weeks Ago115
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