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Ugh at I-15 - 8 Hours Ago95
R852: this sucks
R970 at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago94
30 miles from Las Vegas, any one have a dune buggy I can borrow and offroad in this biznass?!
I-15 Southbound at I-15,NV - 2 Weeks Ago93
2 car collision, one minivan and one pick up truck, southbound I 15, south of Valley of Fire. I-15 shut down since 4pm.
Dave at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago92
I'm two miles from where a helicopter was hovering. Dead stop southbound past Valley of Fire.
PS at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago91
Meant what has traffic at a stand still around valley of fire on 1-15 coming into vegas
PS at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago90
What's fit us stopped on 1-15 coming 8. Around valley of fire. We are at a dead stop
R684 at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago89
Traffic very slow southbound out of vegas
Deborah Jansen at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago88
Condition on I 15 fwy from Las Vegas to la
R410 at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago87
lots of traffic, kinda slow, from Temecula towards San Diego right now. Drive safely & happy hump day!
R758 at I-15 - 2 Weeks Ago86
Why is the I-15 Runing so slow right now at Temecula going towards Las Vegas
R431 at I-15 - 9th Apr, 201785
What's going on I-15 south at Primm
R891 at I-15 - 9th Apr, 201784
R967: what is going on north bound I 15 where you are at
R291 at I-15 - 8th Apr, 201783
What's going on on I-15 NB between Mesquite and St George?
R443 at I-15 - 8th Apr, 201782
Why is the northbound i15 show just south ofor mesquite nv
R679 at I-15 - 7th Apr, 201781
The condition of the traffic
Captain at I-15 - 5th Apr, 201780
How does the I 15 south look going towards Barstow?
Siirena at I-15 - 4th Apr, 201779
Anyone see three cars pulled over I15 south near 4th in Ontario? White Chrysler two door has frontend damage on right side.
R761 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201778
Is traffic moving southbound between Baker & Barstow yet?
R698sinner at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201777
Whats up 5hrs. By way patrol 🤔
R542 at I-15 - 3rd Apr, 201776
Any updates?
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