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R499 at I-17 - 3 Days Ago100
I17 and what
Santee at I-17 - 3 Days Ago99
I17 northbound is gridlock what happened
R499 at I-17 - 3 Days Ago98
Heading to camp verde from mesa. Any accidents?
R671 at I-17 - 5 Days Ago97
Traffic I 17 northbound to prescott
R353 at I-17 - 1 Week Ago96
What is happening on I17 on Friday-Sunday... We need to get to the airport on Saturday at noon. Do we need an alternate route??
ObiWanWiKi at I-17,AZ - 1 Week Ago95
Accident on southbound I-17 SE of Sedona. Traffic stopped for last hour and 15 minutes. Traffic backed up many miles.
Jc at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago94
Conditions on 89 north of flagstaff
Jc at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago93
Road conditions north of flagstaff
Jc at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago92
What are the road conditions around flagstaff
Trouble at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago91
What's ahead on north bound, I -17? Been 1/2 hour start stop?
R300 at I-17 - 4th Mar, 201790
Why is I17 and southbound near exit 228 at a stop
Cj at I-17 - 28th Feb, 201789
How's I-17 n? RoD conditions
Cc at I-17 - 28th Feb, 201788
I hear I 40 is closed
R571 at I-17 - 28th Feb, 201787
Is I-17 open to flagstaff from camp verde north?
Tj at I-17 - 20th Feb, 201786
Roadside in flagstaff
R624 at I-17 - 12th Feb, 201785
It is now 9:40 pm. Is the south bound of i-17 open to Phoenix, Az?
R624 at I-17 - 12th Feb, 201784
Is the 1-17 south bound open?
R393 at I-17 - 12th Feb, 201783
R194: where are all these south bound cars going if the road is closed
skj at I-17 - 12th Feb, 201782
Police situation. Crash, suspect dead
SkJ at I-17 - 12th Feb, 201781
Is 17 open yet?
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