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rousi at I-17 - 2 Days Ago50
Did anyone see that rolled over tundra truck on the I17 right before anthem coming south???
R968 at I-17 - 3 Days Ago49
Clear traffic with just a little bit of rain on the I-17 near Black Canyon City exit 244
R554 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago48
There's an incident by munds park. Traffic is almost at a stand still
R554 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago47
Is there an accident on i-17 north bound?
R375 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago46
What is happening on I17 and Indian school by the overpass? There are cops every where
Gabe at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago45
Is the i17 bad for tonight?
R168 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago44
How are the roads
R470 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago43
What's i17 south of flagstaff looking like today ?
R131 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago42
What is I-17 going south out of Flagstaff like?
R205 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago41
Stopped on i17 north. Any body know what's going on?
R288 at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago40
What the road like going on i-17 from Moses to warden
Nichole at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago39
Traffic clears on I17 northbound by the Bloody Basin exit.
Ruby at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago38
Travel conditions between camp VERDE and Flagstaff
R640 Lola at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago37
-1: what are weather driving conditions from Phoenix to Prescott
R640 Lola at I-17 - 2 Weeks Ago36
What driving conditions to Prescott Valley Clift castle casino no
Becca at I-17 - 31st Dec, 201635
Heading to Flag from Phx, how are the roads this morning?
R511 at I-17 - 28th Dec, 201634
R359 at I-17 - 27th Dec, 201633
G morning
How conditions on it 17 by flagstaff?
R103 at I-17 - 27th Dec, 201632
How much longer will the black Canyon highway shut down for?
R103 at I-17 - 27th Dec, 201631
Is the i-17 opened now?
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