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R434 at I-20 - Yesterday, 09:48 AM182
How is the traffic 20 westbound to Jasper, Ga
R619 at I-20 - 2 Days Ago181
How is I-20 Eastbound to Shreveport
R157 at I-20 - 2 Days Ago180
All clear ?
R885 at I-20 - 2 Days Ago179
Have they cleared the wreck? I have been sitting for an hour barely moving.
Ikeyoung at I-20 - 2 Days Ago178
Looks like 2 18 Wheelers
R729 at I-20 - 2 Days Ago177
I don't see them moving at all should have listened to GPS smh
R805 at I-20 - 2 Days Ago176
Any sign of clearing, I've been sitting for 45 minutes
R560 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago175
Why is traffic slow near lake oconee?
R826 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago174
Is there an alternative route?
R431 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago173
Two big rigs collided in construction zone
R817 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago172
Looks like I20 is closed right before 130. But don't know why.
John at I-20 - 3 Days Ago171
East bound traffic slowed to stop near Greensboro Georgia help does anyone know what is going on?
John at I-20 - 3 Days Ago170
East bound traffic slowed to stop near Greensboro Georgia help
R186 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago169
Should we snake up the side of the road?
R186 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago168
Anybody stuck on I 20
R999 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago167
Anybody know what is happening on I20 EB going into augusta, ga
R806 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago166
Problem between Ruston and Calhoun. What causing?
R241 at I-20 - 3 Days Ago165
What's causing traffic to be stopped on I-20?
R253 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago164
Anybody know how i20 is from aiken to augusta ?
Tbird at I-20 - 1 Week Ago163
What are traffic conditions on I 20 west from Augusta to Atlanta
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