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bill at I-24 - 21 Hours Ago43
what road conditions n i24 ad i57 towrd peroir ill
Cowboy at I-240 - 3 Days Ago42
What is the road condition on I-240 eastbound east of sunnylane
IRWIN at I-24 - 1 Week Ago41
Conditions in Monteagle today? Driving from ATL to Nashville
Mike at I-24 - 1 Week Ago40
Can anyone tell me how the road is from Nashville to the Kentucky line on I-24 west
Bob at I-24 - 1 Week Ago39
How are the road conditions from Chattanooga I 24 to Nashville?
R523 at I-24 - 1 Week Ago38
My son is a fairly new driver going from Atlanta to Nashville tomorrow at 10am. How are roads in the mountains??
R542 at I-24 - 1 Week Ago37
How are the highways
Ash at I-24 - 1 Week Ago36
Whats it look like from shelbyville to ATL?
Phil at I-24 - 1 Week Ago35
Trying to find out rd conditions from Nashville to Macon ga I 24 and I 75 now . Are they passable?
James at I-24 - 1 Week Ago34
Is interstate 24 west going to get shut down
R464 at I-24 - 1 Week Ago33
How are the conditions going towards Bell Rd , and getting off the exit
R638 at I-24 - 1 Week Ago32
What's it doing WB 24 around the rock
Lisa at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago31
Coming from Nashville TN to St. Louis , how are the roads on 24 and 57/64
Decoy at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago30
Roads conditions on 24 to Paducah and north thru Illinois ?
R100 at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago29
How are road conditions from Nashville to Paducah on I-24?
R826 at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago28
What's going on I-24
Blues fans at I-24 - 2 Weeks Ago27
What is going on at exit 211 on 24/65 split
R680 at I-24 - 27th Dec, 201626
Clearing up after exit 19 off of 24 east
R786 at I-24 - 27th Dec, 201625
I'm on 24 before Chattanooga what's the traffic holdup
R689 at I-24 - 27th Dec, 201624
Any info on slowed traffic on I24 eastbound near Clarksvillee
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