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Steve at I-25,CO - 2 Weeks Ago84
I was driving through the construction zone on North I-25. I was southbound in the right lane. I hit a pothole. It felt like I ran over a curb. I have run flat tires on my BMW. The hole ripped up my tire and now I have to have it replaced. This will cost me $300. I will be getting my car checked out to see what other damage has been done.
R414 at I-25 - 2 Weeks Ago83
Is I-25 closed south of Casper going to Cheyenne?
Raj at I-25 - 2 Weeks Ago82
R340 at I-25 - 2 Weeks Ago81
I-25 still closed at Dwyer Jct?
R663 at I-25 - 2 Weeks Ago80
Is 25 south open to Denver for 18 wheelers
R370 at I-25 - 2 Weeks Ago79
What's the wind report from Albuquerque to Colorado springs
R372 at I-25 - 26th Feb, 201778
I-25 North to Placitas..... Very slow/stopped traffic. Any info?
R291 at I-25 - 26th Feb, 201777
Is I-25 still closed from Douglas to Casper
R555 at I-25 - 26th Feb, 201776
HI . Please what time will I - 25 N will be open at Douglas WY .?
R922 at I-25 - 25th Feb, 201775
Is i25 south open
D2 at I-25,NM - 25th Feb, 201774
Accident I 25 outside Bernalillo nm
D2 at I-25 - 25th Feb, 201773
What up on i25 to bernallio?
R252 at I-25 - 24th Feb, 201772
What are the road conditions I-25 south to colo. Springs
R252 at I-25 - 24th Feb, 201771
I-25 south to Colorado springs
Jj at CO - 23rd Feb, 201770
What are the road conditions on highway 119 west of I-25 heading into Longmont?
R415 at I-25 - 13th Feb, 201769
How's the road conditions from San Felipe go Santa fe
Li at I-25 - 13th Feb, 201768
How's the road from Albuquerque to Santa Fe on snow conditions
R139 at I-25 - 2nd Feb, 201767
What are roads like on i25 in colorado? Im in greeley colorado and need to travel to pueblo colorado
R801 at I-25 - 30th Jan, 201766
Are chains required on I 25 north coming from new Mexico?
R561 at I-25 - 26th Jan, 201765
I am driving from Albuquerque to Denver on Saturday January 28th and want to know the projected Interstate weather conditions
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