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Lisa at I-26,SC - 3 Days Ago157
Interstate 26 approximately two miles before montage exit headed west, something happened (looked almost like train derailment) blew a large black circular object onto interstate knocking over orange cone. Drivers swirved to avoid wreck but hazard still in road.
R834 at I-26 - 1 Week Ago156
Have there been any accidents between Columbia and Florence this morning?
R775 at I-26 - 1 Week Ago155
How is Sam's Gap?
Dora at I-26 - 1 Week Ago154
Is 26 iced at all between Landrum (Exit 1 in SC) and Hendersonville (Exit 49 in NC)???
Jenilee at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago153
Hello, how is i26 between Johnson City and Asheville?
R718 at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago152
Is part of 26 blocked and rerouted going to charleston
Di at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago151
Is i26 good to drive now
R477 at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago150
Is I26ok to drive now
R353 at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago149
I 26 road conditions
R306 at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago148
Any info on traffic in Blackmountain on 40
R116 at I-26 - 7th Mar, 2017147
Is there a tractor trailer wreck on 26 east bound right now? Does anyone know?
R517 at I-26 - 5th Mar, 2017146
What is problem on I26 west bound 38 miles outside of Columbia, SC on Sunday, 3/5, st 7:20pm
R314 at I-26 - 4th Mar, 2017145
What has traffic stopped on I26 near St. George
R328 at I-26 - 2nd Mar, 2017144
What is going on on I-26w?
Trisha at I-26 - 2nd Mar, 2017143
What's going on on i26 mile marker 130 between Orangeburg and Columbia
R593 at I-26 - 2nd Mar, 2017142
Mile marker 130 incident?
Bean at I-26 - 1st Mar, 2017141
Plz tell me why I-26 Southbound near Spartanburg sc is traffic jammed
R493 at I-26 - 1st Mar, 2017140
Why is traffic stopped on I26 South bound at Business 85? Been sitting here over 30 minutes?
#1Papa at I-26,SC - 1st Mar, 2017139
I26 East bad. @ Business 85 in Spartanburg is shut down due to a fire.
R416 at I-26 - 23rd Feb, 2017138
What is happening to shut down traffic headed Nortg I 26 just south of I 85?
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