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Report an incident on I-26 in South Carolina

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Report an incident on I-26 in South Carolina
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R215 at I-26 - 6 Days Ago67
What's going on on I26 East?
R917harley at I-26 - 1 Week Ago66
R917 at I-26 - 1 Week Ago65
What is going on i 26 west?
5 car pileup on 26 W at I-26,NC - 1 Week Ago64
A semi truck rear ended a Honda accord, a car hit the semi, a porsch rear-ended the Ford Taurus following the car that hit the semi ramming the Ford Taurus into the vehicle that rear-ended the semi. Left lane slowed where accident occurred. No known injuries.
R467 at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago63
Any idea what is going on 26 east
R271 at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago62
Any idea what's going on on 26 east?
Happy at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago61
What going on with 26 west
R774 at I-26 - 2 Weeks Ago60
Whats going on on dorchester rd. And patriots
R866 at I-26 - 7th May, 201759
I26 near prosperity stopped for miles. Might hit 5 mph what's going on?
Chris at I-26 - 3rd May, 201758
What's going on on 26 where 26 & 126 split. Is it rush hour traffic
Jimi at I-26 - 3rd May, 201757
Stop and go traffic on 26 maybe rush hour ??
Annie at I-26,SC - 2nd May, 201756
South bound hwy26, all traffic stopped. Traffic incident. Conditions unknown. @6:45 am 5/2/17.
R825 at I-26 - 30th Apr, 201755
WHats gling on
R919 at I-26 - 29th Apr, 201754
Is the road closed at mile marker 44?
R743 at I-26 - 23rd Apr, 201753
What's i26 look like now at exit 145a and b
Mal at I-26,SC - 18th Apr, 201752
Traffic westbound on I26 due to wideload escort
R661 at I-26 - 17th Apr, 201751
What is going on near Exit 199? Looked like officers had road almost at a stop.
R372 at I-26 - 16th Apr, 201750
Wreck on 26 now
R680 at I-26 - 15th Apr, 201749
How far to interstate 26 from where I am
R239 at I-26 - 15th Apr, 201748
1-26 west towards Columbia???
R535 at I-26 - 15th Apr, 201747
Accident on I 26?
R229 at I-26 - 11th Apr, 201746
What's going on what's the slowdown about
R440 at I-26 - 11th Apr, 201745
Where is the wreck. I'm at exit 31
R553 at I-26 - 9th Apr, 201744
Is there a wreck?
Maria at I-26,SC - 9th Apr, 201743
Mattress on the road at mile marker 62
sherry at I-26 - 8th Apr, 201742
Is I26 clear eastbound?
R323 at I-26 - 8th Apr, 201741
Is there an accident at or near exit 40?
R884 at I-26 - 6th Apr, 201740
Goodmorning, How is traffic on I 26 Westbound towards I 95?
Maribel at I-26,SC - 2nd Apr, 201739
Large object on middle of road. Drivers avoiding to hit but wont be visible at night could cause major accident. Betwen mile marker 32 and 33.
R537 at I-26 - 30th Mar, 201738
What's the traffic stop on I 26 nw of exit 53
R617 at I-26 - 29th Mar, 201737
What's going on on i26 West near hanahan
R678 at I-26 - 29th Mar, 201736
Why is traffic at a stop on 26 near aviation west bound
Lisa at I-26,SC - 22nd Mar, 201735
Interstate 26 approximately two miles before montage exit headed west, something happened (looked almost like train derailment) blew a large black circular object onto interstate knocking over orange cone. Drivers swirved to avoid wreck but hazard still in road.
R834 at I-26 - 18th Mar, 201734
Have there been any accidents between Columbia and Florence this morning?
R775 at I-26 - 15th Mar, 201733
How is Sam's Gap?
Dora at I-26 - 15th Mar, 201732
Is 26 iced at all between Landrum (Exit 1 in SC) and Hendersonville (Exit 49 in NC)???
Jenilee at I-26 - 14th Mar, 201731
Hello, how is i26 between Johnson City and Asheville?
R718 at I-26 - 13th Mar, 201730
Is part of 26 blocked and rerouted going to charleston
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