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Chat Room for I-27

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Gjd72 at I-270 - 1 Week Ago30
How are the roads around 270/gaithersburg area?
R235 at I-270 - 1 Week Ago29
Is it bad to drive today?
R731 at I-270 - 1st Mar, 201728
Any news on I-270 north?
R731 at I-270 - 1st Mar, 201727
Any mews on I-270 north?
R276 at I-270 - 1st Mar, 201726
R230: News says 270 closed and we have to exit. Did you have to do that? Or did they begin opening it up?
R805 at I-270 - 1st Mar, 201725
What is happening in 270 direction to Frederick?
R320 at I-270 - 1st Mar, 201724
Hold up on 270?
R719 at I-270 - 1st Mar, 201723
R828: do we know what the prob is
Mary at I-27 - 28th Feb, 201722
Is i27 to tulip still closed
Carol at I-270 - 19th Jan, 201721
What's the issue for backup
Carol at I-270 - 19th Jan, 201720
Is there still a backup on 270?
Marci at I-270 - 19th Jan, 201719
What's with the jam on 270?
R711 at I-270 - 7th Jan, 201718
How is the going from I 270 Rockville, MD, to Annandale, VA, via I 495?
R115 at I-27 - 7th Jan, 201717
How are the roads going to Lubbock to
R867 at I-270 - 7th Jan, 201716
270 n to Frederick from Rockvill5
Ymick at I-27 - 6th Jan, 201715
Road conditions from canyon to Lubbock?
Connie at I-27 - 6th Jan, 201714
How are the roads going into Canyon
R276 at I-270 - 5th Jan, 201713
Is 270 clean
Lightning mcqueen at I-270 - 21st Dec, 201612
What's going on?
R525 at I-270 - 19th Dec, 201611
What is happening now
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