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I30EB Closed til 730 at I-30,TX - 12 Hours Ago39
Major and multi motor vehicle accident causing I-30 EB Closure until 7:30PM CT 04/28/2017. Seek alternative route.
R291 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago38
How i30 east traffic coming out of Texarkana
R438 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago37
why the holdup on I30 east in Arkansas after arkadelphia?
R392 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago36
Traffic stopped before exit 63.
R634 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago35
What happened?
R596 at I-30 - 9th Apr, 201734
Does any one have an update on the I 30 issues?
R365 at I-30 - 9th Apr, 201733
Why is the traffic stopped on I30 east from Prescott Ar
R678 at I-30 - 7th Apr, 201732
What is the construction for in Bryant Benton are for?
R484 at I-30 - 6th Apr, 201731
Two semis wrecked on I30. 2-3 hour delay.
R450 at I-30 - 2nd Apr, 201730
What's going on on I 30 south toward texarkana
R306 at I-30 - 28th Mar, 201729
I am leaving Chicago heading to Arkansas. Thursday afternoon, can I make it?
Eglick at I-30 - 27th Mar, 201728
Any info up there? How bad is it?
AC at I-30 - 27th Mar, 201727
What is the traffic like between Sulphur Springs, and Rock Wall
R671 at I-30 - 22nd Mar, 201726
whats the weather like
R742 at I-30 - 19th Mar, 201725
How far is construction back up
Be at I-30 - 19th Mar, 201724
There is a huge and I mean huge back up on here going towards on construction area. Like for miles!
R584 at I-30 - 11th Mar, 201723
Will this road construction ever5 be finished
Birhead51 at I-30 - 10th Mar, 201722
I-30 W bound clear from Texarkana to Sulphur Springs clear and normal speed.
Ace at I-30 - 3rd Mar, 201721
What is going on today? Hardly moving near exit 7.... I understand slow down for construction but why are we parked?
R862 at I-30 - 24th Feb, 201720
As of 7am this morning my boyfriend is a truck driver he has been stuck at mile maker 9 for over 10 hours this is a BS they should let these people go through what's wrong with Arkansas
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