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R862 at I-30 - 15 Hours Ago45
As of 7am this morning my boyfriend is a truck driver he has been stuck at mile maker 9 for over 10 hours this is a BS they should let these people go through what's wrong with Arkansas
Ryan at I-30 - 22 Hours Ago44
Why isn't there any traffic control to keep traffic going and not just sitting here for hours most of us have places to get to
R153 at I-30 - Yesterday, 11:04 PM43
Why have when been sitting for 2 hrs? There is no sign of an accident. I feel it is rude and inconsiderate. There has to be a way to let a few cars through gradually no mattet what the cause.
R829 at I-30 - Yesterday, 10:18 PM42
R215: wats going on up there
R249 at I-30 - Yesterday, 08:22 PM41
I'm at exit 63 and been stuck for 15 minutes. What's going on
R583 at I-30 - Yesterday, 08:11 PM40
Any one know?
R948 at I-30 - Yesterday, 07:15 PM39
R587: any info on what's going on?
R948 at I-30 - Yesterday, 07:05 PM38
Anyone know what's going on?
Med at I-30 - Yesterday, 04:22 PM37
I30 west shut down
R150 at I-30 - Yesterday, 04:06 PM36
Traffic stopped 130 wb I'm near mm 59.
R632 at I-30 - 1 Week Ago35
Are there any delays between TCL and Little Rock
R196 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago34
Read on I drive Arkansas that there is a vehicule fire
R356 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago33
R356 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago32
Does anyone know why I-30 East in Arkansas is at a 2 hour stand still?
R382 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago31
R226: could be up to a two hour delay
R382 at I-30 - 2 Weeks Ago30
I checked...delay close to two hours.
R363 at I-30 - 6th Feb, 201729
Traffic is at a stop mile marker 170 Cookville rerouted
R143 at I-30 - 6th Feb, 201728
East bound is shut down. Have been sitting for approx 1/2 hr. According to cb, there are 2 seperate wrecks....1 w/ multiple fatalities & the other is an overturned tanker (hazmat)? Idiots are flying up the shoulder.
R488 at I-30 - 4th Feb, 201727
Is anyone in traffic between Greenville and Dallas on I 30 west bound?
R585 at I-30 - 30th Jan, 201726
R208: any idea how far the traffic jam goes? We're at mile marker 72
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