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R694 at I-35 - 4 Days Ago39
Is the hold up due to construction or accident?
R760 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago38
How was the traffic I should say between 9pm and 11p?
R760 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago37
How was the traffic on 35 or headed to manchaca?
R474 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago36
What is the deal at 80 5B W. Oak St. and 35
Jon at I-35 - 2 Weeks Ago35
R170: what's going on up there?
Jon at I-35 - 2 Weeks Ago34
Mile Marker 38 I-35 what's going on?
R400 at I-35 - 2 Weeks Ago33
Is i 35 open now
R743 at I-35 - 2 Weeks Ago32
Is I 35 closed north bound and south bound thru Temple? If so is it due to flooding
Sharon heideman at I-35 - 2 Weeks Ago31
Is ih 35 closedin temple
R483 at I-35 - 31st Mar, 201730
How are the really low spots on I 35 south of Emporia? I heard there are flood warnings.
R406 at I-35 - 23rd Mar, 201729
Is there a good route around the accident before Hillsboro?
Cali at I-35,OK - 21st Mar, 201728
Mike marker 127 on bridge dropped palette of wood in center lane
R224 at I-35 - 19th Mar, 201727
Why is the traffic at a standstill between Belton and Temple going north
PastureNana at I-35 - 18th Mar, 201726
How is northbound traffic from Waco to Hillsboro
R215 at I-35 - 18th Mar, 201725
What's going on what's going on on Highway 35 that the traffic is so backed up
R860 at I-35 - 18th Mar, 201724
Almost at a standstill
R257 at I-35 - 16th Mar, 201723
What's the problem? Too much traffic!?
R831 at I-35 - 14th Mar, 201722
When does I 35 start moving North of Troy, Texas. I've been parked here for probably 45 minutes and moved less than a mile.
bigmookow at I-35 - 13th Mar, 201721
Anyone travel 35 South thru Iowa?
Im wondering how the roads are.
R391 at I-35 - 12th Mar, 201720
Im suppose to leave minnesota to kansas city in the morning. How will the conditions be on 35e south
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