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R641 at I-35 - 2 Days Ago65
How are roads from Enid to Edmond
R776 at I-35 - 2 Days Ago64
We are traveling south on I-81 out of concordia ks heading for dallas what are we looking at for road conditions
AP78 at I-35 - 2 Days Ago63
How are the roads from Enid to Wichita?
Shorty5 at I-35 - 2 Days Ago62
What are the roads like driving from Kansas City, Mo. to Oklahoma City?
Jayne at I-35 - 3 Days Ago61
How are the road conditions from Wichita to Oklahoma City?
R643 at I-35 - 3 Days Ago60
How are the roads from turner falls to OKC where dies it start to get icey
Nanc at I-35 - 3 Days Ago59
How is I35 south bound Otttawa to Wichita? Drive conditions
R665 at I-35 - 3 Days Ago58
How are the roads I-35 south to Dallas
R795 at I-35 - 3 Days Ago57
Can I drive from Dallas to Wichita, Kansas tomorrow around 9 a.m.?
R126 at I-35 - 3 Days Ago56
What are the road conditions around Enid ok on I 35?
R383 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago55
How is it 35 south from okc
R954 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago54
Update for road conditions from OKC to Texas southbound please
R894 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago53
I am 20 miles north of Wichita KS heading south on I35. The roadway is clear and dry at this point.
R894 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago52
I'm heading south to Oklahoma City then onward to Texas. Wondering how I35 road conditions are through Oklahoma. Info please?
R894 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago51
I'm heading south toward Oklahoma City and onward to Texas. Does anyone have info about the road condition of I35 south?
R974 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago50
Following up on the concerns of the road conditions from desoto tx to Oklahoma border
L09 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago49
What are the roads like from Dallas to OKC
R922 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago48
What is the roads like from Oklahoma to dallas
R348 at I-35 - 1 Week Ago47
What are the road conditions on I 35 from Oklahoma to Dallas
R927 at I-20 - 1 Week Ago46
What are the conditions on I-20 west from St. Augustine to I-35 as of now please?
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