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R784 at I-35 - 18 Hours Ago85
I would like to know to this traffic wasn't here 1 hr ago
R516 at I-35 - 18 Hours Ago84
What is going on i35 in Norman okc
Hen at I-35 - Yesterday, 06:25 AM83
How is I35 north from Ames to hwy 20
Ed at I-35 - Yesterday, 03:38 AM82
What is THE CURRENT condition of i35 n?
Mic at I-35 - Yesterday, 11:43 PM81
Why have I not moved an inch in 20 minutes on I-35 SOUTH in Norman?
R280 at I-35 - Yesterday, 05:53 PM80
How's i35 north of Ames?
R971 at I-35 - Yesterday, 02:25 PM79
How is Interstate 35 leaving Albert Lea heading south
Cf at I-35,OK - 6 Days Ago78
2 semi accident by 77 north by Guthrie. No north traffic for a while! Head north I. 35 take different route as showing on red lines in map.
R404 at I-35 - 5th Feb, 201777
Passenger here how's current traffic l-35 southbound from extra 79 to Dallas? Will there be rain all the way
R386 at I-35 - 4th Feb, 201776
Do anyone know if there is an accident on 35. Denton texas area?. Thanks
R386 at I-35 - 4th Feb, 201775
Do anyone know if there iscan accident on 35. Denton texas area?. Thanks
R386 at I-35 - 4th Feb, 201774
Is there a accident on 35 going south from denton tx to Dallas
Schneider Truck at I-35 - 3rd Feb, 201773
Is there an accident on I 35 south near the ok tx border?
Kris at I-35 - 3rd Feb, 201772
What's going on 35 south bound been setting for a while
R455 at I-35 - 27th Jan, 201771
What is going on I 35. Been stuck here forever
R455 at I-35 - 27th Jan, 201770
R835 at I-35 - 24th Jan, 201769
I'm wanting to leave down to Texas on the 10 of February is hwy 35 safe to drive then!?
Mimmish At at I-55 - 22nd Jan, 201768
I-1055 Is a Super Duper Hyper Too Much Future Interstate, I-55555555555555555555555 Too Much Hyper Much Even Hyper Much Too Even Hyper Much...... Futured. I-355 In Missouri-Illinois Bridge Named... Hara Clarkson Bridge (Girder)
R590 at I-35 - 20th Jan, 201767
Can you suggest a good gas station for someone traveling on 35w South, near Minneapolis on their way to Bloomington? I'm picking up my mom. I live in uptown Mpls and friend is driving to Bloomington, right of the highway would be best.
R335 at I-35 - 19th Jan, 201766
Is there construction in I-35 northbound near Moore, ok
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