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R707 at I-39 - 1 Week Ago26
Anyone know the reason for the backup?
R959 at I-390 - 2 Weeks Ago25
Going to Rochester from Horseheads. How is 390?
R553 at I-395 - 10th Feb, 201724
How north bound 395
Bonnie I-39 at I-39 - 28th Jan, 201723
Traveling to Madison today wondering how the roads are
peggy at I-390 - 24th Jan, 201722
Peggy at I-390 - Moments Ago2
Going to Rochester on 390 from Hornell around 9 AM. How is 390?
Peggy at I-390 - 24th Jan, 201721
Going to Rochester on 390 from Hornell around 9 AM. How is 390?
R568 at I-39 - 16th Jan, 201720
How is 39 South of Packwaukee towards Madison?
R694 at I-39 - 12th Jan, 201719
50 miles from Bloomington going south it is kinda sketchy, rain here and there no idea if it's freezing yet or not
R382 at I-39 - 12th Jan, 201718
How is 39 south of 80 for ice?
Shelly at I-39 - 11th Jan, 201717
Just needing to know if I should travel I-39 North at 5 am jan 11 2017
R321 at I-39 - 10th Jan, 201716
What's going on I39? Traffic is stopped
Kiki at I-39 - 27th Dec, 201615
Christmas day there was a accident on I-39 exit 54. Cars were on fire. Just wondering if people were ok or what happen?
R712 at I-39 - 26th Dec, 201614
What is delay
Bug at I-39 - 26th Dec, 201613
There is an accident on I 39W
R510 at I-39 - 26th Dec, 201612
What the f$&@ is going on on 39
R157 at I-395 - 20th Dec, 201611
Is 395 Waterford still completely closed on both sides
LJN at I-395 - 20th Dec, 201610
Major accident near mall exit
Julia at I-39 - 18th Dec, 20169
Road conditions I39 to Madison?
Becka at I-39 - 18th Dec, 20168
How are road conditions I 39 north
Cindy at I-39 - 18th Dec, 20167
Heading to Bloomington anyone is
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