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R236 at I-40 - 25 Minutes Ago686
Snow flurries near flagstaff
R820 at I-40 - 5 Hours Ago685
Who r the pigs headed to nashville
R778 at I-44 - 9 Hours Ago684
Going eastbound on I44 to North 270. Any back ups
Some man at I-40,NC - 21 Hours Ago683
There was a complete stop on I-40 west in Greensboro North Carolina cop cars holding cars up
R555 at I-45 - Yesterday, 03:20 PM682
How is traffic moving In45 southbound through downtown Houston?
R746 at I-40 - Yesterday, 07:15 AM681
What the road conditions from albuquerque to flagstaff
Gonn6d at I-4 - Yesterday, 06:34 PM680
Anyone stuck in traffic?
R461 at I-40 - 2 Days Ago679
Anyone know why I40 is backed up by Kingston Hills?
R373 at I-40 - 2 Days Ago678
Is there an accident... where?
R336 at I-43 - 2 Days Ago677
How is I43 after the ice storm?
R400 at I-43 - 2 Days Ago676
Traffic slow coming up to river hills gping 30 mph
Airmom at I-40 - 2 Days Ago675
How is I40 from Arizona line to California line
R441 at I-494 - 2 Days Ago674
How is cottage Grove to Minneapolis?
COYOTE at I-40 - 2 Days Ago673
Current I40
Smitty at I-40 - 3 Days Ago672
How's the 40
R546 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago671
How is I-40 in Flagstaff headed to Albuquerque
R484 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago670
How are roads on i-40 going to amarillo tx
R150 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago669
Hows I-40 from Flagstaff to Albuquerque ?!
R996 at I-40 - 3 Days Ago668
How is I40 W through Flagstaff looks like the precipitation missed to the south
R624 at I-40 - 4 Days Ago667
How is I 40
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