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Pm at I-45 - 3 Days Ago23
What is going on on I 45 N near Fairfield tx?
V at I-45 - 5 Days Ago22
Helicopter just left .. been at a dead stop for over 20 min .
R110 at I-45 - 1 Week Ago21
What's the holdup on I-45 at fm1603? Is it all road construction?
R410 at I-45 - 1st Mar, 201720
How is traffic between Wilmer and Buffalo
R436 at I-94 - 1st Mar, 201719
How are the roads on I-45 and I-94 from West Bend to Kenosha?
Mikeyn at I-45 - 9th Feb, 201718
Why is there so much stste trooper activity in exit 246 of i45...what is happening..they have a big 18 wheeler detained..anyone knowz
Sue at I-45 - 1st Feb, 201717
Can anyone tell me the exit number going south to Raeford Sardis Road Spring Texas
R555 at I-45 - 18th Jan, 201716
How is traffic moving In45 southbound through downtown Houston?
R451 at I-65 - 7th Jan, 201715
Google map shows 65 south closed from Tyler rd all the way to I-459 .but no explanation as to why and whats wrong. This is the most BS ive ever seen . they say dont drive but i cant find anyone with on site information about these roads. Highway patrol stopped answering my questions told me to check but this web site is out dated with little to no information on current events 😡fck you Alabama its time to join the 20th century
R326 at I-459 - 7th Jan, 201714
Leaving Eastlake head to I-459 to hwy280
deb at I-459 - 7th Jan, 201713
How is the Valleydale and highway 31 area?
(Please don't text and drive
R273 at I-459 - 7th Jan, 201712
Leaving Tuscaloosa headed to Georgia now is it safe
Mel at I-459 - 7th Jan, 201711
Will 459 to galleria be ok after12 work
R252 at I-45 - 7th Jan, 201710
Is there ice on the road on 45 into down town dallas from oak cliff
b at I-459 - 7th Jan, 20179
i am about to leave 280 and need to go 459 to mccalla is it ok driving
R252 at I-45 - 6th Jan, 20178
Is there ice on the road from Corsicana to Dallas
R887 at I-45 - 6th Jan, 20177
Is there any icy roads on i45 north from Houston to Dallas
R781 at I-45 - 28th Dec, 20166
What's the hold up in Ennis on 45 headed to Dallas
R804 at I-45 - 28th Dec, 20165
What's the hold up in Ennis on s 45
R559 at I-45 - 27th Dec, 20164
What is the roads like on 45 going south
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