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R366 at I-57 - 7 Hours Ago290
What's the deal with the traffic astral on I-57 between 12 7th and 147th
Wink at I-59 - 10 Hours Ago289
Any idea why traffic is stopped
R335 at I-55 - 12 Hours Ago288
where wss the pedestrian hit
tdd at I-57 - Yesterday, 02:55 AM287
What happened where they shut down I 57 from ullin to dongola
R304 at I-57 - Yesterday, 07:07 PM286
Did traffic clear up on I 57 going south and did they open eway back up
R115 at I-57 - Yesterday, 06:16 PM285
R243: do you know what the holdup is I just passed Halsted
R802 at I-57 - Yesterday, 05:42 PM284
R920 at I-57 - Yesterday, 05:25 PM283
How is traffic on I-57 between Chicago and Markham?
R920 at I-57 - Yesterday, 05:24 PM282
R243: Is traffic moving on I-57?
R747 at I-5 - Yesterday, 04:19 PM281
Northbound lanes closed, north of Yreka, what is going on?
R551 at I-57 - Yesterday, 05:59 AM280
From tuscola
R551 at I-57 - Yesterday, 05:58 AM279
Anyone tell me about fog on 57 going north to champaign.from champaign
charo at I-5 Los Angeles, California - 2 Days Ago278
Hi, I am checking on road conditions on I-5 near L.A, coming from san Diego
mother of two at I-5 - 2 Days Ago277
-1: y do u just keep saying undefined
mother of two at I-5 - 2 Days Ago276
-1: what does that mean..its still unknown...? Isnt there more rain expected ..will i get trapped by flooded roads
mother of two at I-5 - 2 Days Ago275
Is i5 from anehiem to medford oregon safe to travel wednsday the21rst
Denise at I-5 - 2 Days Ago274
My daughter will be driving my husband and son down the Corvallis Oregon two Orange County what would be the best route to take regarding road conditions because after made it to Orange County my husband will drive from there on the I-10 to Mesa Arizona can you advise me of information regarding the trip down home they will be leaving on Saturday the 25th of February I know road conditions to change so I'm hoping that there's a way you can inform me so that I can relay information to them
R587 at I-5 - 4 Days Ago273
Any news for i5 sour bond near Corning
R509 at I-5 - 5 Days Ago272
Is I5 south still closed?
Sbby at I-5 - 5 Days Ago271
What goin out on highway 5
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