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R821 at I-55 - 3 Hours Ago130
Who's on i- 55 n headed toward jackson?
R139 at I-57 - 10 Hours Ago129
What's up near rend lake? Traffic jam cause?
R367 at I-57 - 11 Hours Ago128
Is there delays on i57 south, south of Marion
Mike Jenkins at I-55 - 2 Days Ago127
Did l-55 finally get to moving ?
Carpediem... at I-55 - 2 Days Ago126
Any chicks stuck on i55...? I'm 26 female and very bore/stuck
Steven Schmidt at I-55 - 2 Days Ago125
What is going on on 55 south by Blytheville Missouri
R407 at I-55 - 2 Days Ago124
R754: what's going on down there? Traffics at a standstill
R754 at I-55 - 2 Days Ago123
R284: whats going on south bound 55
R101 at I-5 - 3 Days Ago122
Looking for reasons for I-5 closure south of Dunsmuir.
R966 at I-5 - 3 Days Ago121
What's going on i5 south bound after dunsmuir?
Tmac at I-5 - 3 Days Ago120
Is I 5 closed near my Shasta city ?
R206 at I-59 - 4 Days Ago119
Traffic at standstill for an hour. I-59 close to I-24 interchange. Any ideas what's up?
R327 at I-59 - 4 Days Ago118
Traffic at standstill near trenton on north bound 59
Clint at I-57 - 6 Days Ago117
What's going on
R450 at I-57 - 1 Week Ago116
CAN YOU GO THROUGH ON I57s from marion to sikeston ? i have heard that section is closed.
R734 at I-5 - 1 Week Ago115
What's the problem in south Portland or
Wylackie at I-5 - 1 Week Ago114
R202: what's happening on I 5 north bound out of Portland just past exit 11.
R203 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago113
What's going on I55 North bound sound Byron?
Steve at I-57 Marion, Illinois Traffic - 1 Week Ago112
Is there a preferred routing around the congestion south of milepost 53 southbound at marion?
R517 at I-57 - 1 Week Ago111
Anyone know how long it will take to get out of this mess?
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