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R412 at I-55 - Yesterday, 08:48 PM117
Not sure what's happening, I-55 north is at a stand-still
R382 at I-55 - Yesterday, 08:44 PM116
Why is 55 shut down
R205 at I-55 - Yesterday, 07:58 PM115
What kind of accident?
R205 at I-55 - Yesterday, 07:57 PM114
Any info on what's going on?
R335 at I-55 - 2 Days Ago113
where wss the pedestrian hit
Viv at I-55 - 1 Week Ago112
Is weber Ed exit off of i55 south open?
R651 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago111
Is weber Ed exit going south on 55 open?
R946 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago110
What is going on route 30 and I55
R946 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago109
What is happening on route 30 and I55
R161 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago108
What's the hold up? On I55 heading W mile marker 290
R620 at I-55 - 8th Feb, 2017107
Whats going on right now
R744 at I-94 - 26th Jan, 2017106
will be traveling through Chicago I 294 7 a.m. tomorrow. What is traffic like at that time? I am headed to I-55 south
Nilux at I-55,MO - 23rd Jan, 2017105
Interstate 55 SB closed before McNutt St (Herculaneum exit), use Pevely exit and bypass route blue. Accident yet to be cleared.
Mimmish At at I-55 - 22nd Jan, 2017104
I-1055 Is a Super Duper Hyper Too Much Future Interstate, I-55555555555555555555555 Too Much Hyper Much Even Hyper Much Too Even Hyper Much...... Futured. I-355 In Missouri-Illinois Bridge Named... Hara Clarkson Bridge (Girder)
UglyBridges at I-55 - 20th Jan, 2017103
On 2016-2018 The New Bridge from Arnold, MO In Merrmac River I-55 Bridge in Missouri has built by 2013.
BridgeInfo.Com at I-55 - 20th Jan, 2017102
23,000 days, there's been a wrecked bridge on St Louis, Missouri, The others from I-57 has a wreck, too.
LevarrionFelix at I-55 - 20th Jan, 2017101
One day, there was been an accident on Arnold.
R661 at I-55 - 20th Jan, 2017100
What is the traffic like?
R135 at I-55 - 16th Jan, 201799
How are the weather conditions/freezing rain effecting driving on I-55?
Are the roads slick, etc...
particularly traveling downtown to the city?
R178 at I-55 - 16th Jan, 201798
Hi. How the road conditions on I55 from Route 80 to I-74?
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