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R135 at I-55 - Yesterday, 02:28 PM99
How are the weather conditions/freezing rain effecting driving on I-55?
Are the roads slick, etc...
particularly traveling downtown to the city?
R178 at I-55 - Yesterday, 12:51 PM98
Hi. How the road conditions on I55 from Route 80 to I-74?
R639 at I-55 - Yesterday, 11:06 AM97
Hello. How are the roads on i55?
Jen at I-55 - 2 Days Ago96
Wondering how I-55 from 270 to Imperial is looking?
Bob at IL - 2 Days Ago95
Conditions btw I-55 and Lebanon?
Lori at I-55,5 - 3 Days Ago94
Wondering if anyone knows condition of I55 between Springfield and St Louis.
R305 at I-55 - 3 Days Ago93
How are the conditions from Illinois 55south to At.
R135 at I-55 - 3 Days Ago92
Are the roads icy and bad
R299 at I-55 - 4 Days Ago91
Is I-55 to st.louis open ?
Ford at I-55 - 4 Days Ago90
How is driving from st louse to Springfield il on I55
R251 at I-55 - 4 Days Ago89
How are the roads
Lexi at I-55 - 4 Days Ago88
I'm going from cape Girardeau to Kennett Missouri how is the road conditions on I55
R939 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago87
I55 south from 255 at least to Arnold is a disaster
R161 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago86
leaving from Chicago going to walnut grove,Mississippi. Anyone out there know the road conditions on 55 south?
R251 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago85
How are the road conditions from Jackson to Memphis. Any ice?
Lm at I-55 - 1 Week Ago84
How is Hwy 55 south from Memphis to Jackson
R694 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago83
What is the condition of i55 from Jackson ms to Memphis tn?
R727 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago82
How are the roads between Jackson and biloxi
R821 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago81
How bad is I55 south of jackson to Hammond?
R482 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago80
How is the Lakeland exit from Madison? Any better than this morning?
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