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Mike Jenkins at I-55 - Yesterday, 01:22 AM41
Did l-55 finally get to moving ?
Carpediem... at I-55 - Yesterday, 11:01 PM40
Any chicks stuck on i55...? I'm 26 female and very bore/stuck
Steven Schmidt at I-55 - Yesterday, 10:53 PM39
What is going on on 55 south by Blytheville Missouri
R407 at I-55 - Yesterday, 10:36 PM38
R754: what's going on down there? Traffics at a standstill
R754 at I-55 - Yesterday, 09:30 PM37
R284: whats going on south bound 55
R203 at I-55 - 1 Week Ago36
What's going on I55 North bound sound Byron?
R576 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago35
Setting in bumper to bumper traffic . What's going on
R242 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago34
My 83 year old mother is very late to my sisters. She would be getting on 55 at Weber road and getting off at county line road. She drives an older brown van
R243 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago33
I'm almost to the imperial exit on 55s and sitting in bumper to bumper traffic .. crawling.. what is the deal?????? It's only 3pm there was an accident on 55 north but I'm south
R696 at I-55 - 2 Weeks Ago32
What is happening in i55
R506 at I-55 - 10th Apr, 201731
Why r we not moving?
DanA at I-55,IL - 9th Apr, 201730
I55 (going toward Bolingbrook) before la grange exit. Two cars involved in accident.
R890 at I-55 - 4th Apr, 201729
What's going on on i55 north???
Robin2267 at I-55 - 4th Apr, 201728
What's going on 55 construction or accident? Both?
R628 at I-55 - 3rd Apr, 201727
Does anyone know what the delay is on 55 going North near Weber Road
D at I-55 - 2nd Apr, 201726
I 55 open right now
CW at I-55 - 31st Mar, 201725
Does anyone know what the standstill I 55 Grenada is all about? We have been sitting for close to an hour and have not move an inch.
R568 at I-55 - 29th Mar, 201724
Accident around mile marker 112?
R341 at I-55 - 28th Mar, 201723
Wreck on Beasley exit. Traffic stopped
R190 at I-55 - 17th Mar, 201722
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