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R366 at I-57 - Yesterday, 10:17 PM58
What's the deal with the traffic astral on I-57 between 12 7th and 147th
tdd at I-57 - Yesterday, 02:55 AM57
What happened where they shut down I 57 from ullin to dongola
R304 at I-57 - 2 Days Ago56
Did traffic clear up on I 57 going south and did they open eway back up
R115 at I-57 - 2 Days Ago55
R243: do you know what the holdup is I just passed Halsted
R802 at I-57 - 2 Days Ago54
R920 at I-57 - 2 Days Ago53
How is traffic on I-57 between Chicago and Markham?
R920 at I-57 - 2 Days Ago52
R243: Is traffic moving on I-57?
R551 at I-57 - 2 Days Ago51
From tuscola
R551 at I-57 - 2 Days Ago50
Anyone tell me about fog on 57 going north to champaign.from champaign
R937 at I-57 - 3rd Feb, 201749
What's ahead southbound I57 Effingham ???
R330 at I-575 - 3rd Feb, 201748
Going up to exit 16 for 2pm appt...any delays?
BridgeInfo.Com at I-55 - 20th Jan, 201747
23,000 days, there's been a wrecked bridge on St Louis, Missouri, The others from I-57 has a wreck, too.
Cw55 at I-57 - 15th Jan, 201746
Just trying to plan our trip back to Corpus Christi from Kalamazoo, Mi any advice
May at I-57 - 15th Jan, 201745
Is the road on l-57 from charleston il. To Champaign. Il icey?
Trenita at I-57 - 15th Jan, 201744
How the roads 57 south to Urbana Champagne IL
Trenita at I-57 - 15th Jan, 201743
How is the roads 57 south to Urbana Champagne IL
Bunchieboo127 at I-57 - 14th Jan, 201742
What is I57 like between Chicago and Effingham
R754 at I-57 - 14th Jan, 201741
Why is 57 s at a stand still
Jack at I-57 - 14th Jan, 201740
Thing about leaving Oakbrook and heading to Champaign. Are the highways ok to travel. Concerned with ice.
BD46 at I-57 - 14th Jan, 201739
Road conditions for I-57 Champaign to Effingham
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