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R139 at I-57 - 10 Hours Ago43
What's up near rend lake? Traffic jam cause?
R367 at I-57 - 11 Hours Ago42
Is there delays on i57 south, south of Marion
Clint at I-57 - 6 Days Ago41
What's going on
R450 at I-57 - 1 Week Ago40
CAN YOU GO THROUGH ON I57s from marion to sikeston ? i have heard that section is closed.
Steve at I-57 Marion, Illinois Traffic - 1 Week Ago39
Is there a preferred routing around the congestion south of milepost 53 southbound at marion?
R517 at I-57 - 1 Week Ago38
Anyone know how long it will take to get out of this mess?
R966 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago37
I'm heading southbound on 57 from 111th. Anyone know why traffic is so heavy going north?
R489 at I-57 - 2 Weeks Ago36
Whats going on on I57 s
Shu at I-57 - 9th Apr, 201735
What is going on on 57 heading to Chicago.
R983 at I-57 - 7th Apr, 201734
Bad backup. Is it clear by Kankakee?
R584 at I-57 - 7th Apr, 201733
Bad backup Manteno and south. Saw from overpass.
MARY at I-57 - 4th Apr, 201732
Is I 57 clear???
R505 at I-57 - 2nd Apr, 201731
Is i57 South bound open yet?
R276 at I-57 - 2nd Apr, 201730
How much longer is 57 stoppef...
R590 at I-57 - 2nd Apr, 201729
Is I 57 clear now?
R590 at I-57 - 2nd Apr, 201728
Is I 57 open now? How is traffic?
R762 at I-57 - 2nd Apr, 201727
Is 57 open yet?
R154 at I-57 - 2nd Apr, 201726
What is goin and n i57
R105 at I-57 - 2nd Apr, 201725
What is going on I57
R608 at I-57 - 26th Mar, 201724
Anyone know why the traffic is backed up on I-57 South near Kankakee how long is it backed up?
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